Event: WWE RAW
Date: December 9, 2019 
Location: Greenville, South Carolina

Jerry Lawler presided over the in-ring divorce of Rusev and Lana. Lana made her entrance accompanied by a lawyer, followed by Rusev as fans chanted ‘Rusev Day’. Rusev and Lana got into a heated argument over who gets the custody of their dog, which was preceded by Lana ranting about Rusev for a really long time.

Lana signed the papers but Rusev demanded a match with Lana’s lover Lashley before he could sign. Bobby Lashley made his entrance and said he will marry Lana once they are done with the divorce procedure. Rusev signed the papers and the two big men got into a brawl, which ended with Rusev slamming Lashley into a table and standing tall.

Backstage: Kevin Owens talked about AOP and Seth Rollins’ partnership and vows to get to the bottom of it. Owens encountered United States Champion Rey Mysterio, and both shared a moment, with Mysterio giving Owens his steel pipe.

Drew McIntyre def. Matt Hardy: McIntyre cut a promo before the match, taunting Hardy and giving him a chance to run away from the ring. McIntyre eventually picked up an easy victory with the Claymore Kick.

Backstage: Charlotte Flair asked Becky Lynch to team up with her to face The Kabuki Warriors. Lynch refused and said she’ll handle the duo herself. Flair wished her all the best and left.

RAW Tag Team Championship Match: The Viking Raiders def. The Street Profits: Viking Raiders issued an open challenge to any team on the roster, and the former NXT Tag Champs answered the call. The champions hit the Viking Experience on Ford for the win.

Post-match, both teams had a show of respect, before being interrupted by Seth Rollins. Rollins marched to the ring and demanded to face AOP. Kevin Owens came out instead with the pipe in his hand and said AOP isn’t in the arena.

Rollins left the ring and Owens stood alone, listening to the promo by AOP in their native language from backstage. The music hit and Mojo Rawley came out instead with Sami Zayn, who appeared on RAW due to a special managerial contract.

Zayn and Mojo taunted Owens, before Owens lost it and delivered a Stunner to Rawley to end the segment.

Aleister Black def. Akira Tozawa: The former NXT Champion continued his winning streak by taking out Tozawa with the Black Mass.

Humberto Carrillo def. Andrade: Andrade’s winning run came to a screeching halt as he was defeated by Carillo, who took advantage of a mix-up between Vega and Andrade to sneak in a rollup victory. Vega and Andrade exchanged words in the ring post his defeat.

Buddy Murphy def. Zack Ryder: The match started off with a promo by Murphy’s opponent for TLC, Aleister Black. Murphy picked up an easy win with the Murphy’s Law on Ryder.

Backstage: Kevin Owens approached a van, and smashed it with the lead pipe. AOP attacked Owens from behind, slamming him into the debris. Seth Rollins came out of the van and delivered a stomp to Owens and stood tall with the AOP.

Rollins made his entrance and went on a rant, calling out the fans for not treating him well. Rollins landed a few verbal jabs on Owens and confirmed that he is with AOP as they understand him well. AOP made their entrance and stood together with Rollins, to end the segment.

Handicap Match: Becky Lynch def. The Kabuki Warriors by DQ: Lynch took on the Tag Team Champions, but the match couldn’t reach a conclusion as Asuka introduced a steel chair into the mix. Sane landed an Insane Elbow onto Lynch through a table and celebrated together to end the segment.

Backstage: AJ Styles put over Gallows and Anderson and said that they’ll become the RAW Tag Team Champions soon and also said that he’ll end Randy Orton’s career if he doesn’t stop interfering with their business.

Backstage: Charlotte Flair got ambushed by Asuka and Kairi Sane, as they delivered shots with the steel chair.

Erick Rowan vs. Local Talent: The jobber tried to run away with the cage but got hunted down by Erick Rowan. Rowan delivered Iron Claw slam to the local talent and got sent out of the ring by the referee who called off the match.

The Street Profits featured in a new segment titled “Monday After the Weekend Update”, in which they talked about several rivalries going on right now and ran down the TLC card.

WWE United States Championship Match: Rey Mysterio(c) def. AJ Styles: Gallows and Anderson tried to help Styles regain the title, but Randy Orton‘s interference helped Mysterio to retain the title with a rollup victory.

Takeaways from Monday Night RAW

1. The Dark Side

Image via WWE

Seth Rollins completed his heel turn, which he has been teasing for the last few weeks, as he joined a new stable with the Authors of Pain, and laid a vicious beatdown to Kevin Owens. Rollins turning heel completes a character transformation which started during his feud with Bray Wyatt and has led to him finally embracing his old avatar.

Rollins will now go back to his 2015 self, with Rezar and Akam being the upgraded versions of J&J Security. This transformation also helps Owens to become the top babyface on RAW, which is amazing for the Prizefighter. Owens has all the tools to succeed in this role and become the next face of Monday nights.

2. Andrade’s Run Ends Abruptly

Image via WWE

Andrade has been on a roll in the last few months, and it was clear as day that WWE wanted him to be the next big thing for the Latin audiences. However, Andrade’s run came to a sad halt as he lost against Carrillo, who hasn’t had success in the last few weeks.

Carrillo has lost against the likes of Rollins and Styles on a number of occasions, while Andrade has been taking down opponents with supreme ease each week.

Andrade and Vega’s highly successful partnership could come to an end in the coming weeks, and WWE will be making a mistake by doing the same. Andrade could be lost in the shuffle without Vega, and they need to continue the pairing for the time being.

3. Just End It

Image via WWE

Rusev and Lana had a first-of-its-kind live divorce session inside the ring, which opened the show. The couple once again had a bickering session, which was followed by Rusev and Lashley clashing in the ring.

The saga had some potential when it first started, but Lana’s terrible acting followed by repetitive segments every week has made it an eyesore, and hopefully, WWE winds up the storyline at TLC.

Lana working as Lashley’s valet could be a decent role, as Lashley works better with a manager by his side (Lio Rush in the past).

4. Becky 2 Belts, But Why?

Image via WWE

The Kabuki Warriors have been booked tremendously well in the last few weeks, and have had strong showings in the ring against Flair and Lynch. However, the RAW Women’s Champion clashing with the Tag Team Champions merely highlights the lack of proper talent in the women’s roster and WWE needs to address this as soon as possible.

Liv Morgan is getting a new gimmick, which could be interesting, but at the same time WWE needs to focus on building other names in the Women’s Division as well.