Event: Monday Night Raw 
Date: October 14, 2019 
Location: Denver, CO

WWE Raw Results & Highlights

Becky Lynch defeated Charlotte Flair: Raw Women’s Champion, Becky Lynch faced Charlotte Flair to decided which brand gets the first pick on the second day of WWE Draft. The match which was earlier scheduled to be between Lynch and Sasha Banks was changed due to an injury suffered by Banks last week in the ring. Both women produced another great match and Lynch rolled up Flair for the win.

Round 1 of WWE Draft on Day 2

1. Seth Rollins – Raw
2. Brock Lesnar – SmackDown
3. Charlotte Flair – Raw
4. The New Day (Kofi Kingston, Big E, Xavier Woods) – SmackDown
5. Andrade with Zelina Vega – Raw

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Andrade defeated Ali in his first match after being drafted to Raw. Zelina Vega pulled a move on Ali outside the ring which created an opening for Andrade who delivered a Hammerlock DDT for the win.

Round 2 of WWE Draft on Day 2

6. The Kabuki Warriors (Asuka & Kairi Sane) – Raw
7. Daniel Bryan – SmackDown
8. Rusev – Raw
9. Bayley – SmackDown
10. Aleister Black – Raw

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The Viking Raiders defeated Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode to become the New Raw Tag Team Champions: The challengers almost won the match as soon as the match started but Roode made the save to get back into action. Roode and Ziggler delivered a Spinebuster-ZigZag combination move on Erik and almost got a 3-count. They delivered another combination with a Superkick and Glorious DDT, but Ivar made the save. Viking Raiders eventually delivered The Viking Experience to become the new champions.

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Round 3 of WWE Draft on Day 2

11. Cedric Alexander – Raw
12. Shinsuke Nakamura – SmackDown
13. Humberto Carrillo – Raw
14. Ali – SmackDown
15. Erick Rowan – Raw

Aleister Black defeated Eric Young with his new submission move in a short match.

Round 4 of WWE Draft on Day 2

16. Buddy Murphy – Raw
17. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode – SmackDown
18. Jinder Mahal – Raw
19. Carmella – SmackDown
20. R-Truth – Raw

Ricochet defeated Shelton Benjamin: As usual, the highlight of the match was the athletic display of Ricochet. The One and Only hit a Recoil to seal the win.

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Jerry “The King” Lawler was in the ring to oversee the contract signing between Braun Strowman and Tyson Fury for their match at WWE Crown Jewel. Strowman showed his strength by breaking the table while Fury tried to break a pen but took about three tries to break it. Fury walked out and the session ended without any physical contact.

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Round 5 of WWE Draft on Day 2

21. Samoa Joe – Raw
22. The Miz – SmackDown
23. Akira Tozawa – Raw
24. King Corbin – SmackDown
25. Shelton Benjamin – Raw

Buddy Murphy defeated Cedric Alexander after hitting a Murphy’s Law.

Final Round of WWE Draft.

26. Rey Mysterio – Raw
27. Shorty Gable – SmackDown
28. Titus O’Neil – Raw
29. Elias – SmackDown
30. Liv Morgan – Raw

The Kabuki Warriors defeated Natalya and Lacey Evans in tag-team action. The match started out great but dragged a bit too long that the audience started booing both the team. Asuka rolled up Evans to secure a pinfall victory.

Seth Rollins attacked Bray Wyatt during Firefly Fun House and burnt the place down to end the show. There were loud boos from the crowd which makes it clear that the segment did not go well.

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Takeaways from Monday Night Raw

1. WWE Remembers It Has Proper Wrestlers

Image via WWE

The amount of wrestling in this week’s RAW was commendable as several superstars received spotlight. Superstars like Ali, Cedric Alexander, Ricochet, and Alister Black, all were in action tonight, which is a change from the usual WWE routine. WWE often limits itself to short matches or squashes on weekly shows, which makes this a good change from the normal scheme of things.

Hopefully, with the draft coming in place once again and split rosters, such superstars continue to get such opportunities.

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2. Expectations Subverted

Image via WWE

It was reported this weekend that WWE will try to change things for the draft part two. The first part was a massive let down due to very few wrestlers actually changing brands, fake war rooms and terrible acting from the “executives”. The draft order was also leaked which made things even worse. WWE didn’t change much this week, except making a few changes to the leaked draft order.

The two draft episodes are a far cry from the draft episodes of the past, which could be due to WWE scrapping the authority figures in their programming. The Evil Authority angle has become boring, but it’s necessary for a draft lottery.

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3. Brand Split Dead Before It Even Begins?

Image via WWE

Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins in a Falls Count Anywhere match was announced for Crown Jewel, and with both the superstars on different shows following the draft, we could see a version of Wild Card Rule appear once again. If WWE intends to continue this rivalry, both the superstars will appear on RAW and SmackDown, which will essentially be the death of the brand split before it even begins.

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4. The Rebirth Of RAW Tag Team Division

Image via WWE

The Viking Raiders, an established tag team, actually won the tag titles, defeating the random team of Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode. The former NXT Champions received a tremendous reaction following their win which is a good sign for their future. The two big men are still undefeated on the main roster and NXT, and will surely be a major force in the tag team division of RAW.

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5. Lacey Evans Is a Babyface?

Image via WWE

For some reason, WWE turned Kairi Sane and Asuka heel, while narcissistic Lacey Evans and Natalya are babyfaces.

WWE had the potential to build an ultra heel with Lacey Evans, who naturally evokes boos from the audience, and Kairi Sane is a superstar who receives applause from the crowd whenever she performs. It is unclear what WWE is trying with Evans, but it won’t work! However, The Kabuki Warriors getting back to back wins in recent weeks is a great sign, and the Women’s Tag Team Championships are finally becoming relevant.