Event: WWE Raw 
Date: October 21, 2019 
Location: Cleveland, OH

WWE Raw Results & Highlights

Monday Night Raw opened with “The Nature Boy” Ric Flair, walking down to the ring and announcing the final member of Team Flair for WWE Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia this month, Drew McIntyre.

Drew McIntyre defeated Ricochet: In the opening match of Raw, the speed and agility of Ricochet were not quite enough to keep the brute power of McIntyre in check. The match saw a lot of back and forth action with both wrestlers trying to dominate each other. Ricochet’s quick moves earned him a lot of near-falls but The Scottish Psychopath countered a Recoil and pushed Ricochet into the ring post and delivered a Claymore Kick to secure the win. Post-match, McIntyre unloaded a beatdown on Ricochet and delivered an Inverted Waterwheel Slam on the steel steps to end the segment.

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Aleister Black defeated local talent Jason Reynolds in a squash match.

Jerry Lawler invited Rusev to the King’s Court and asked him how he feels about Lana and Bobby Lashley. Rusev said it’s all Lashley’s fault as he is brainwashing Lana. They were interrupted by a video showing Lana and Lashley at a restaurant and Lashley said he is there to fulfill Lana’s “needs”. Rusev said he will reply to them in person and rushed out to end the segment.

Andrade defeated Sin Cara: A returning Sin Cara tried to gain momentum in his return match but a distraction caused by Zelina Vega outside the ring helped Andrade deliver the Hammerlock DDT and secure the win.

Raw Tag Team Champions The Viking Raiders defeated Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder after delivering a Viking Experience, in a non-title match.

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Rusev confronted Bobby Lashley at the restaurant and started a brawl, but the police separated them and took Rusev away in handcuffs.

Rey Mysterio cut a promo thanking the fans for their support and their concern over his son Dominick. Paul Heyman interrupted and promised pain for both Cain Velasquez and Mysterio at WWE Crown Jewel. Mysterio was again interrupted by Shelton Benjamin who bullied Ray asking where is Velasquez now. The former MMA champion appeared to make the save and put Benjamin to sleep.

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Seth Rollins defeated Humberto Carrillo: Rollins offered Carrillo his debut match on Raw after the former 205 Live star was heard saying he wants to fight Rollins for the championship. Though this was a non-title match, Carrillo delivered an impressive performance although he fell short of victory in the end after Rollins hit a Stomp to secure the win.

Raw Main Event – Street Profits defeated The O.C: The match was initially billed as a Six-Man tag-team with The Street Profits hyping to bring in a mystery partner. However, it turned out to be a tag match between Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins and Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows with AJ Styles at ringside.

Styles interfered in the match, and when the referee made the call to evict Styles from ringside, Kevin Owens‘ music hit as he made his return to Monday Night Raw and delivered a Stunner to the United States Champion. Ford delivered a Frog Splash to Anderson to seal their first victory on Raw in their very first match.

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Takeaways from Monday Night Raw

1. The Superstar Showcase Continues

Humberto Carrillo makes his Raw debut against WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins. (Image via WWE)

WWE did a great job of showcasing several superstars last week on RAW, and they continued the same this week. Superstars like Andrade, Sin Cara, Humberto Carillo, and Street Profits received ample time to perform on the show. RAW roster is quite similar to how SmackDown was after the draft in 2016, and they are going the same route by utilizing the fresh talent.

Superstars like Wyatt, Braun Strowman, Roman Reigns have moved over to the blue brand which has led to a hole in the main event scene. Hopefully, WWE fills this void with individuals like Andrade and Kevin Owens.

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2. So Much For Women’s Revolution

Image via WWE

WWE never leaves an opportunity to boast about its women’s revolution. However, a three-hour program of Raw had a total of zero women’s division matches, which is a major shortcoming of the show this week. The top champion of the brand, Becky Lynch, was nowhere to be seen while Charlotte Flair was merely referenced on the show. The Women’s Tag Team Championships were absent as well.

The Women’s Division of both the shows have taken a major hit after the brand split, but a total of zero matches is simply unacceptable. Hopefully, WWE makes sure such problems don’t occur often, as it ruins an otherwise good show of wrestling.

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3. Keeping The Brand Split Alive, Thankfully

Image via WWE

There was a major scare of the brand split ending even before it begins, as WWE booked themselves into a corner with a match between Raw superstar, Seth Rollins and SmackDown member Bray Wyatt. However, WWE carefully avoided this and made sure the wild card rule didn’t creep in once again.

Paul Heyman did appear on the screen, but he is the executive director of RAW. Wyatt being on SmackDown does raise the question of how the match at Crown Jewel will go down, as a DQ finish won’t be possible and there has to be a result.

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4. Street Profits Become Instant Stars

Image via WWE

Sometimes, WWE goes out of its way to present individuals like absolute stars, and Street Profits are a perfect example of this fact. They have been appearing on the red brand for months now in backstage segments, and have slowly introduced themselves to the audience.

After months of being in a backstage role, the former NXT Tag Team Champions made their debut on RAW and showed why they are touted as the next big things in WWE. A bucket load of charisma along with impeccable wrestling abilities mean that the duo will get a lot of smoke in the coming months.

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5. WWE Learns To Book Babyfaces

Kevin Owens returns to Raw

Seth Rollins is a major example of WWE failing to book babyfaces properly. WWE is not making the same mistake with the likes of Rusev and Kevin Owens. Rusev finally took some revenge this week, which evoked a great reaction from the crowd. This is a good sign for the Bulgarian Brute as he is in a good position to become a top face in the company.

Similarly, Kevin Owens finally leaves the toxic rivalry with Shane McMahon and is off to a fresh start on RAW, and similar to Rusev, will undoubtedly be a major name on the face side of the roster.