Event: Monday Night Raw 
Date: September 16, 2019 
Location: Thompson-Boling Arena, Knoxville, Tennessee

Results & Highlights

WWE Universal Champion, Seth Rollins, opened the show following his victory last night on Clash of Champions. He went on to thank Triple H for the Pedigree, which helped him defeat Strowman. Rollins confirmed that the match with Bray Wyatt will take place inside Hell in a Cell. Wyatt appeared on the Titantron, and said that he’ll see him later in the night.

New RAW Tag Team Champions, Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, along with SmackDown Tag Champs The Revival hosted a Tag-Team Summit. Braun Strowman interrupted and laid waste to all the four superstars.

The OC defeated Cedric Alexander and Viking Raiders: A decent match which continued the rivalry between these six men from last week. Styles was rocked by Alexander early on, but the OC eventually found their way back into the match. Styles delivered a Phenomenal Forearm on Cedric Alexander to pin him for the second night in a row.

R-Truth and Carmella was shown taking a tour of Knox County along with Mayor Glenn Jacobs in a pre-recorded video package.

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King of the Ring Finals: Baron Corbin vs Chad Gable: Corbin and Gable started off exchanging mat-based moves and the pace picked up soon. The crowd was really behind Gable throughout the match, and Gable came close to winning with the Ankle Lock submission, which helped him in the Semifinals. Corbin reached the bottom rope, and blocked another attempt at Ankle Lock to deliver the End of Days. Corbin is crowned as King of the Ring.

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Backstage: The Street Profits hosted a Gender Reveal Party for Maria Kanellis. Maria revealed it to be a boy, before declaring that Ricochet, and not Mike Kanellis, is the father of the child. Mike Kanellis challenged a visibly shocked Ricochet to an impromptu match.

Ricochet defeated Mike Kanellis in quite a short match. Maria appeared and said that Ricochet is not the father. She went on to reveal that the father is in fact a returning RUSEV!

Rusev defeated Mike Kanellis: Rusev beat up Kanellis, before the match could even start. The Bulgarian Brute landed a Machka Kick followed by the Accolade to win the match and announced his arrival in a major way.

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Glenn Jacobs took R-Truth for a tour of Tennessee’s football ground, and introduced him to a police officer who was a referee in disguise. Truth tried to leave but got pinned by Jacobs who became the new 24/7 Champion.

Rey Mysterio defeated Cesaro: Cesaro trash-talked Mysterio before the match, and told him to retire for once and for all. The match was quite good with both the individuals bringing their A-game. Cesaro paid homage to Eddie Guerrero and went for the Three Amigos, but was blocked by Mysterio who hit a 619. Mysterio then hit the Destroyer for the win.

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Rezar and Akam cut a backstage promo and announced that they will be returning to action soon.

Sasha Banks and Bayley defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross: Banks took out Bliss early in the match, and it left Cross in a 2-on-1 situation. Cross tried her best to fight off but it was too much for her. Banks got the win for her team by applying the Banks Statement. The heels ganged up on Cross after the match, and they were confronted with Becky Lynch with a steel chair. Later, Charlotte Flair made her way into the ring to fend off the heels.

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Backstage: Sasha Banks cut a promo and wants Becky Lynch at Hell in a Cell. Glenn Jacobs got pinned by R-Truth, and Truth won the 24/7 Championship once again.

Lacey Evans defeated Dana Brooke: Lacey Evans made quick work of Dana Brooke, and applied the Sharpshooter submission for the victory. Evans sent a message to her rival Natalya by applying the Queen of Harts’ own move for the victory.

Raw Main Event: Seth Rollins defeated Robert Roode by DQ: Both Rollins and Roode produced a good match, and Rollins was about to win after hitting Roode with the Stomp, before Ziggler attacked him to end the match in a DQ. Post Match, the Tag-Champs continued to attack Rollins. The OC joined in the attack and a 5-on-1 beatdown ensued. Demon Kane made his return and took out all the heels. Kane went for his iconic pose, but was interrupted by The Fiend. Fiend attacked Kane with the Mandible Claw and taunted Seth Rollins to end the night.

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Takeaways from Monday Night Raw

The Baron Becomes The King 

The inevitable finally happened, and one of the most hated figures in wrestling today, Baron Corbin, became the 2019 King of the Ring. Corbin’s march to the finals was exceptional, as he defeated the likes of Cedric Alexander, Samoa Joe and Ricochet. He had a tough time against Chad Gable but won the match with an impressive End of Days.

The heat for Corbin is immense, as it can be seen on WWE’s Youtube page. Corbin’s win video currently has 4k dislikes against 10k, which means a large number of fans are hating the Lone Wolf’s victory.

It remains to be seen what Corbin does next, but the KOTR title is perfect for a douchey character like him.

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The Night of Returns

Rusev made a surprising return to WWE television, starring in an extremely weird storyline with Maria and Mike Kanellis. Maria declared Rusev to be the father of her child, following which Rusev thrashed Mike Kanellis in the ring.

Rusev back on our TV screens is a much welcome move, as he has great potential to become a main-eventer one day. Hopefully, WWE doesn’t drop the ball with him once again.

Kane made a surprising return to WWE as well, as he brought back his split-personality disorder. Kane featured as Knoxville Mayor Glenn Jacobs during the backstage segments, in which he won the 24/7 title.

Later on, Kane returned during the main-event to help out Seth Rollins, and was treated to a Mandible Claw by The Fiend to close out the show.

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The Tag-Team Division Gets a Shot In The Arm

AOP featured in a video package, wherein they announced their return and cut a terrifying promo in their native languages of Punjabi and Dutch. WWE did a good job of putting in subtitles to the foreign promo, as it helps them to cut intimidating promos without speaking in English.

AOP’s return will definitely boost the RAW Tag-Team Division, which currently has two randomly thrown together singles superstars as their Tag-Champs.

Hopefully, WWE continues to make such video packages for foreign superstars, and allow them to cut promos in the language they are comfortable in.

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How Does WWE Manage The Fiend From Now On? 

Bray Wyatt is officially the No.1 contender for the WWE Universal Championship, and will take on Rollins inside Hell in a Cell. It is interesting to see how WWE books the Fiend leading to the match.

Rollins is the current #1 guy in WWE. He is the top babyface and won the Universal Championship just over a month ago. Will WWE take the title off him so soon? However, Wyatt losing a match will destroy the character, and Wyatt will go back to being what he was before the Fiend came in.

Rollins vs Wyatt will be a classic encounter inside the Satanic structure, and it would be intriguing to see what direction WWE takes with his match.