Event: Monday Night Raw 
Date: September 2, 2019 
Location: Baltimore, MD

Results & Highlights

This week’s episode of Raw started with a contract signing between Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins for the Universal Championship match at Clash of Champions. The O.C interrupted with AJ Styles demanding title shots for all the club members, which lead to a brawl.

Rollins and Strowman defeated Gallows and Anderson by pinfall. An impromptu tag match was made between the Raw Tag Team Champions and Gallows & Anderson. Styles tried to create distraction throughout the match, but Rollins eventually managed to roll up Anderson for the win. Post-match, a brawl started between the six of them where Strowman accidentally ran into Rollins and knocked him down. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode seized this opportunity to run down to the ring and attack The Monster. All the heels delivered their finishing moves on Strowman, and Styles hit a Phenomenal Forearm to close the segment.

Roode and Ziggler defeated Hawkins and Ryder via pinfall after Ziggler superkicked Hawkins, and Roode hit a Glorius DDT to secure the win.

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Lacey Evans defeated Natalya: Nattie attacked Evans from behind before Evans could enter the ring. The Sassy Southern Belle threw a handkerchief at the Queen of Harts and delivered a Woman’s Right for the win.

Becky Lynch came to the ring and called out Sasha Banks for a match. Banks came out, but instead of entering the ring, challenged Lynch for a championship match at Clash of Champions. Lynch accepted her challenge and Becky Lynch vs Sasha Banks is now official for this month’s pay-per-view.

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King of the Ring Quarterfinals: Baron Corbin defeated Cedric Alexander: Cedric was at a disadvantage in this match as he was attacked backstage, earlier in the night by The O.C, thereby injuring his arm. Corbin targeted the bad arm throughout the match and eventually connected with End of Days to seal the win and advance to the semifinals.

The Viking Raiders defeated jobbers Brian Thomas and Tyler Hastings in a quash match by delivering a Viking Experience.

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King of the Ring Quarterfinals: Ricochet vs Samoa Joe ended in a draw as the shoulders of both men were down for the three count. Joe continuously targeted Ricochet’s leg in a highly physical match. Joe trapped Ricochet with a Coquina Clutch on the top rope and both fell to the mat with their shoulders down when the referee went for the count. Later, during a backstage interview with Corey Graves, referee John Cone announced that both men will advance to the semifinal to compete with Corbin in a Triple Threat match.

Firefly Fun House: Bray Wyatt challenged the winner of Seth Rollins vs Braun Strowman to a Hell in a Cell match.

The Miz defeated Cesaro via pinfall after hitting a Skull Crushing Finale out of nowhere.

Raw Main Event: Becky Lynch & Bayley defeated Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss via disqualification after Sasha Banks interfered. Banks appeared ringside, shortly after the match started, but did not wait for it to end as she attacked Lynch from behind with a backstabber. Banks continued the attack, this time with a steel chair when Bayley interfered and pulled it out of her hands and made a shocking heel turn by hitting the champion with the chair to end the show.

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Takeaways from Monday Night Raw

1. Is It Time For King Corbin?

Baron Corbin defeated Cedric Alexander, to become the first entrant in the semi-finals of King of the Ring tournament. KOTR has historically seen self-obsessed heels like Triple H, Sheamus, Wade Barett, etc. winning the tourney and becoming even more narcissistic with their new King persona.

An individual like Corbin seems perfect for this role and seems like WWE is ready to pull the trigger on King Corbin. As for Corbin’s victim, Cedric Alexander, he will most likely face off against AJ Styles, who brutalized him before his match against Corbin.

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2. Cesaro Being Wasted

Cesaro lost yet another match on RAW this week and is currently in midst of a long losing streak on WWE programming. It is unclear what WWE plans to do with Cesaro currently as his talents are being wasted in such defeats. Cesaro is one of the most frustrating cases in WWE in the last few years, as his singles run was never given the right direction.

Cesaro could be heading down to NXT once it goes live, and that would be the perfect way to utilize the Swiss Superman’s talents.

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3. Bray Wyatt Officially Issues a Challenge For The Universal Championship

In one of the most hilarious episodes of Firefly Fun House, Bray Wyatt literally stuffed money in a Vince McMahon puppet and laid down the challenge for the Universal Championship. WWE capitalizing on Wyatt’s momentum is great to see, and Wyatt winning the title inside a structure known as Devil’s Playground, will be quite fitting.

The Fiend character has wowed the audiences worldwide, and the social media reactions are enough to see that putting the title on Wyatt will be best for business.

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4. Best Rivalry Since WrestleMania

The Women’s Division was in limbo ever since Ronda Rousey left WWE and the company was left with no top stars in the RAW division. Sasha Banks’ return has provided a much-needed boost to the division, and her feud with Lynch is proving to be quite the rivalry.

Banks and Lynch were officially added to the Clash of Champions card this week, and the two former Best Friends will surely create magic inside the ring.

Both the superstars delivered excellent promos this week and added more substance to their feud.

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5. Bayley Is a Heel, Finally!

Bayley shockingly turned heel on RAW, after viciously attacking her RAW counterpart Becky Lynch. Bayley reunited with her Boss’N Hug Connection partner Sasha Banks, and viciously attacked Lynch. Bayley was one of the best babyfaces in the WWE roster, often termed as John Cena of female division.

However, her character eventually got stale and after showing an aggressive side in recent weeks, she finally snapped. It was quite refreshing to see Bayley in a different character, and WWE once again ended the show on a great note.

Bayley will definitely have explanations on SmackDown this week, and it would be interesting to see her new persona.