Event: WWE SmackDown Live 
Date: August 6, 2019 
Location: Detroit, MI

Results & Highlights

  • The Summerslam go-home edition of SmackDown Live started with Charlotte Flair in the ring talking about how superior she is compared to Trish Stratus and everyone else. Stratus came to the ring and both women exchanged words. Stratus eventually ended up slapping the Queen who retreated without retaliating.
  • Dolph Ziggler came out to Goldberg’s music and attacked Rey Mysterio at ringside before the match could start and delivered superkicks to the legend. Ali came out to rescue Mysterio and a match was made official between Ziggler and Ali. Ziggler defeated Ali with a superkick.
  • In a backstage interview with Charly Caruso, Roman Reigns apologized for Samoe Joe getting falsely accused of attacking him and vowed to get some answers by the end of the show.

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  • Natalya vs Ember Moon ended in a double countout as Natalya tried to make a statement by locking Moon in a sharpshooter outside the ring. Referee called for the bell but Bayley had to rush in and break the lock.

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  • Kevin Owens invited Shane McMahon to the KO Show and asked him to put his career on the line at Summerslam, which Shane denied. Elias attacked Owens from behind and Shane joined him. Owens fought back, with a stunner to Elias on the announce table, but the numbers game soon caught up. Shane rolled the announce table over Owens who got trapped under it. Shane continued the beatdown and other referees had to interfere and pull him back.
  • Aleister Black defeated Sami Zayn with a running knee before hitting Black Mass for the pin.
  • Big E and Xavier Woods vs Daniel Bryan and Rowan ended up in a disqualification as Rowan used a set of steel steps on Woods. The duo continued attacking the champions and delivered the Iron Claw slam to Big E and a running knee to Woods.
  • Roman Reigns walked in to the men’s locker room and questioned Buddy Murphy about his attacker. Murphy initially refused to tell him anything, but after some beating from Reigns, revealed that it was Rowan who attacked him. The show ended with Bryan and Rowan watching this footage in the ring. (No match has been announced yet for Roman Reigns at Summerslam)

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Takeaways from SmackDown Live

The Recap Show

If last week’s SmackDown Live was a great wrestling show, this week it turned into a recap show with several recaps from the past weeks in the leadup to Summerslam. Trish Stratus and Charlotte Flair kicked off the show by recapping almost everything that was said last week on The King’s Court.

There were several packages the whole night, hyping the Summerslam PPV which is set to take place on Sunday, and this came at the expense of proper wrestling matches. It’s not a major shortcoming for WWE programming, but they need to stay consistent every week.

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Ziggler Has Momentum but at Ali’s Expense

Shinsuke Nakamura is currently the Intercontinental Champion and lost to Ali last week in a clean loss, which potentially set up Ali as the next challenger. However, this week, WWE squashed all the momentum that Ali had, and made him lose to Dolph Ziggler.

WWE must stop the 50-50 booking if it ever wants to create proper superstars. If Dolph Ziggler loses against Goldberg on Sunday, which honestly looks like the most likely outcome, then WWE would have given Ali a clean loss on television for absolutely no reason.

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Kevin Owens is Finally Overpowered

Ever since Owens turned face and started his march against Shane McMahon’s anarchy, he has outsmarted McMahon and his goons every single time. However, this week, Shane McMahon finally got some revenge on Owens, which makes Owens hungry for redemption going into Summerslam.

Owens is currently the best babyface in the company, and WWE is making sure he remains that way for the foreseeable future, which is a great sight for the WWE Universe.

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Ember Moon Fails to Shine

Ember Moon was one of the best wrestlers during her time in NXT, and many pinned her for a great run on the main roster. However, Moon’s stay on the big stage, which has lasted for over a year now, has been nothing but terrible. Recently, someone backstage decided to reward Ember Moon with a title opportunity but forgot to book her as the No.1 contender.

Moon lost clean to Alexa Bliss last week, and this week looked like a chump and had to be saved by Bayley, her opponent at Summerslam. WWE has handled certain superstars like Kofi Kingston, Roman Reigns and Kevin Owens excellently over the past few months but their treatment of Women’s Division leaves much to be desired.

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How to Book a Rivalry 101

Roman Reigns’ mystery attacker from last week on SmackDown Live and last night on RAW, was set to be revealed this week. Reigns cut a heartfelt promo, in which he apologized to Samoa Joe and promised to find the attacker.

Reigns’ segment towards the end, where he absolutely destroyed Buddy Murphy, was excellently written. Murphy revealed Rowan to be the attacker, and Rowan seemed to acknowledge his doings. However, Rowan’s partner Bryan seems to be unaware of this and this could lead to a great story in the coming weeks.

Why did Rowan do it? Is Samoa Joe involved in any fashion? Could we see a team-up of Joe and Roman against Bryan and Rowan? There are endless possibilities to this feud and that is a perfect way to book Roman Reigns, who looked like a million bucks tonight!