WWE SmackDown Live Results from July 2nd: Kevin Owens Show, Major Tag Team Main Event, Face Turn

Image via WWE

WWE presented SmackDown Live from San Antonio, TX this week, following an entertaining episode of Monday Night RAW.

Although RAW had all the elements of a perfect episode, SmackDown lacked the same intensity. SmackDown was an average episode this week, and has its moments but couldn’t match RAW.

The absence of several SmackDown superstars such as Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, IC Champion Finn Balor, Charlotte, etc. was felt as the show fell flat on several occasions. There was a fifty second promo from Shelton Benjamin in which he didn’t say a single word!

The edgy feel to WWE programming continued with SmackDown Live this week, as many superstars blurted out insults live on the air. We look at a rundown of this week’s blue brand show.

In Ring Segment: Kevin Owens made his way out for yet another rendition of The Kevin Owens Show. His guests included Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre. Owens looked comfortable in a “tweener” role, as he grilled down the jr McMahon and Scottish Psychopath.

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Ziggler interrupted the segment and demanded yet another title opportunity. Shane McMahon used his Authority power, and made a Tag Team main event for the evening, where Owens-Ziggler would face Heavy Machinery for a chance to compete for the Tag Team Championships at Extreme Rules.

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Men’s Singles Match: Daniel Bryan vs Big E. A typical heel victory for Bryan, as he takes advantage of Rowan’s distraction to fend off Big E. Result: Daniel Bryan wins by pinfall after delivering a running knee.

Backstage: R-Truth isn’t happy after he lost his 24/7 Championship to Drake Maverick on RAW. He promises to win back the title from Drake Maverick on his honeymoon!

In Ring Segment: Yet another episode of A Moment of Bliss, but this time the host was Nikki Cross with SmackDown Women’s champion Bayley as the guest. Bayley, similar to Carmella on RAW, tries to create some friction between Cross and Bliss.

Women’s Singles Match: Bayley vs Nikki Cross. It was a rematch from last week. Bayley wins the match easily and takes revenge for the defeat last week. Result: Bayley defeated Cross with a Bayley to Belly

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Backstage: Ali cuts a passionate promo about becoming the WWE Champion. He wants to bring change to the world, and for that he shall chase the WWE Championship.The amount of backstage promos and segments this week are tremendously high!

In Ring Segment: Kayla Braxton introduces the WWE Champion Kofi Kingston and his challenger Samoa Joe. As is the case with many Joe segments, this one served its purpose quite well. Both the superstars dissed each other on the mic and tried to get into the nerves of each other, before Samoa Joe suggested Kofi shake his hand to ensure his people remain safe. After thinking about the handshake for a moment, Kofi Kingston channeled his inner Steve Austin, gave Joe “the finger” and finished the segment with a Trouble in Paradise. Excellent segment!

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Backstage: Heavy Machinery cut a promo on how they’ll defeat Owens and Zayn and go on to win the Tag Team Championships at Extreme Rules.

Twitter Promo: Lashley proclaims he wants to send Braun Strowman to the “morgue” and called Strowman a “son of a b**ch” on live television! This promo along with Kofi’s middle finger display was a great way to introduce some edginess into the product.

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Men’s Singles Match: Andrade vs Apollo Crews. A random match-up, which Andrade wins quite easily. Andrade is still directionless on the SmackDown Roster, with Balor possibly feuding with Nakamura. Apollo Crews once again showed flashes of talent, but could not win the match against former NXT Champion. Result: Andrade defeated Crews via pinfall after delivering a Hammer Lock DDT.

Backstage: Ziggler and Owens try to get on the same page, in a typical segment where two singles superstars try to gel together for their tag match.

Backstage: Another cryptic promo from Aleister Black. There was a knock on his door last week, but the person who knocked could not be found. Black wants that person to show up at Extreme Rules, as he would be waiting.

Women’s Singles Match: Ember Moon vs Mandy Rose. Moon looks to extract revenge for last week’s loss against Sonya Deville. Result: Moon got a quick win after hitting Rose with Eclipse. Yet another 50/50 booking.

Backstage: Shelton Benjamin is asked on who he thinks will emerge as the winner of the WWE Championship Match. He thinks about it for close to a minute, says nothing and leaves!

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Men’s Tag Team Match: Daniel Bryan and Rowan along with New Day are ringside for commentary. The match between Heavy Machinery and KO-Ziggler is interrupted due to a brawl at ringside. After the commercial break, both the teams are rejected from ringside and the Tag Match resumes. Result: Heavy Machinery wins, after Ziggler accidentally delivers a superkick to Owens, and book their place in the Triple Threat match at SummerSlam.

Post-Match: Owens delivers a massive stunner to Ziggler and it could possibly be the start of a face run for Owens.