Event: WWE SmackDown Live 
Date: August 27, 2019 
Location: Baton Rouge, LA

SmackDown Live Results & Highlights

Kofi Kingston opened this week’s SmackDown Live and talked about his match with Randy Orton at Clash of Champions. Orton appeared on the Titantron and read a letter from Kofi’s son who asked him to stop hurting his father. Kofi was ticked off when Orton said he would visit Kofi’s family at their hotel. The champ rushed backstage and a fight broke out between the two. Orton ended up hitting a hanging DDT off a table to Kofi to end the segment.

King of the Ring Round 1: Ali defeated Buddy Murphy who was rumored to win the crown this year. Ali hit a 450 Splash on Murphy to secure the pinfall and advance to the second round.

The Miz called out Shinsuke Nakamura and challenged him for an Intercontinental Championship match at Clash of Champions. Sami Zayn came out and distracted Miz, while Nakamura attacked him from behind. The heels beatdown Miz, and Nakamura hit a Kinshasa to end the segment.

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SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley defeated Lacey Evans via pinfall in a singles match after hitting a Bayley-to-Belly followed by a top rope elbow drop.

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Randy Orton defeated Big E: Earlier in the night, Big E promised to make Orton pay for what he did to Kofi, and Xavier Woods last week. Though he delivered on the promise early on in a highly physical matchup, Orton was saved by The Revival just as Big E was about hit the Big Ending. Orton utilized the distraction to hit an RKO to secure the win. Post-match, Orton delivered another RKO to Big E, this time with an assisted lift from the Revival.

24/7 Championship: Elias, who was sitting on the King of the Ring throne was attacked by Kevin Owens who took him to the ring and hit a stunner. R-Truth tried to seize the opportunity by trying to cover the fallen champ, but Drake Maverick pulled Truth out of the ring and pinned Elias to become the new WWE 24/7 Champion.

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King of the Ring Round 1: Chad Gable defeated Shelton Benjamin with a roll-up, to advance to the second round of the tournament.

Roman Reigns came to the ring and played new footage of his attack, catching Eric Rowan in the act. Daniel Bryan who was watching this backstage, slapped Rowan on his face, called him a liar and walked down to the ring to convince Reigns that he was not involved in the incident. Before Bryan could explain anything, Reigns speared him and walked out to end the show.

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Takeaways from SmackDown Live

The Viper Strikes

Every once in a while, Randy Orton dials up his savagery and reminds the WWE Universe of his sadistic side. It happened last year during his feud with Jeff Hardy, and now he is going down the same path with Kofi Kingston. A vicious viper is definitely a great sight, but the story between Kofi and Randy could have been better. WWE has basically gone back to the Joe-Styles feud from 2018 and rehashed it with different individuals.

WWE should make Kofi Kingston a more intense personality, rather than a guy who comes out and throws pancakes into the crowd. Kingston’s run with the WWE title has been amazing but it is time that he brings his aggressive self to the table.

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Ali and Murphy Recreate The Magic

Ali and Buddy Murphy were consistently the best parts of 205 Live throughout 2018. Both these individuals delivered exceptional performances on 205 Live and on PPVs, but their matches never got the recognition they deserved due to the Cruiserweight division’s lack of popularity.

However, WWE recreated their match on SmackDown Live, when Ali and Murphy competed in the first round of the King of the Ring tournament. The two superstars unsurprisingly produced a high-quality match-up. Murphy has now taken part in three intense matches in the last three weeks against Ali, Daniel Bryan, and Roman Reigns. It was shocking to see Murphy lose the match after a lot of rumors clearly making him the favorite to win the tournament.

The two even shook hands after their match, despite Murphy being a heel currently. It is great to see WWE giving priority to the “smaller guys”, and quality matches will help them counter AEW’s programming.

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Rowan Did It, But Why?

The mystery attacker storyline involving Roman Reigns has gone on for about a month now and has been fantastic so far in its execution. Reigns, Bryan, Murphy, and Rowan have all contributed greatly to the storyline.

Rowan was revealed as the mystery attacker, which made Bryan go crazy during the final segment. He seemed to have no knowledge of this, and it is interesting to see what happens next with the story. If Bryan did not command Rowan to do this, then who did? Could it be Bray Wyatt controlling Rowan once again? Whatever the story is, it’s amazing and we will have to wait one more week to know more.

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The Miz and Intercontinental Championship: A Better Love Story Than Twilight

The Miz challenged Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura to a match at Clash of Champions last night on SmackDown Live. The Miz is one of the top performers in the company, and his achievements speak for themselves.

Miz has done some of the finest work of his career with the IC title and elevated the belt to new heights during his stints with the iconic belt.

Miz is once again entering the fray for the title, and hopefully, gets a title run soon. Miz and IC title together is a sight for the sore eyes.