Event: WWE SmackDown Live 
Date: September 10, 2019 
Location:  Madison Square Garden, New York, NY

SmackDown Live Results & Highlights

SmackDown opened with a Gong!, The Undertaker walked down to the ring and talked about how he feels like ‘home’ when in MSG. Sami Zayn interrupted The Deadman and demanded him to leave. Taker did leave the ring but not before delivering a Chokeslam to Zayn.

The Miz defeated Andrade via pinfall after hitting a Skull Crushing Finale, while Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura was ringside with an exclusive Japanese commentary. Post-match, Nakamura blindsided The Miz and delivered two Kinshasas.

Nikki Cross defeated Mandy Rose: Before the match, Rose called Cross ugly. An angry Cross charged down the ring and attacked Rose and rolled her up for the win while her Tag Team partner Alexa Bliss stopped Sonya Deville from interfering in the match.

Heavy Machinery defeated local talent in a squash match.

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Erick Rowan addressed the crowd and talked about how intelligent he is and that nobody controls him. Roman Reigns charged down the ring and both superstars started a brawl that spilled in to the crowd. Rowan powerbombed a fan and crashed a jib camera on to Reigns. They were eventually separated by the officials and Rowan walked away.

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SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley defeated Ember Moon via pinfall in a singles match. Charlotte Flair, who was at the commentary desk during the match entered the ring post-match, and taunted Bayley, but the champ decided to retreat.

Kofi Kingston came to the ring and reminisced about his attack on Randy Orton in MSG 10 years ago, with a video package. Orton interrupted and started a brawl which spilled in to the crowd. Kingston fought back and delivered a Boom Drop to Orton through the table, a repeat of what he did in 2009 at the very same venue.

King of the Ring Semifinal: Chad Gable vs Shane McMahon: Earlier in the night, McMahon informed Gable that Elias cannot compete in the match due to injury and McMahon himself will be competing in his place. McMahon also asked Kevin Owens to be the referee if he wanted to get rid of the $100,000 fine that he was slapped with 2 weeks ago. Gable quickly caught Shane in a German Suplex for the win. A shocked McMahon then announced that the match will continue with a 2-out-of 3 falls stipulation. Owens tried to ‘fast count’ a few times but Gable kicked out each time and eventually trapped McMahon in an Ankle Lock and forced him to tap out. Gable will now face Baron Corbin in the finals. Post-match, McMahon attacked Owens and FIRED him on live TV to close the show.

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Takeaways from SmackDown Live

1. The Sad State of Sami Zayn

Sami Zayn teased a match with The Undertaker last weekend and starred in a segment with the Deadman on SmackDown Live this week. Interrupting the Undertaker and getting chokeslammed by him is a major feat for any superstar, but it doesn’t bode well for Zayn’s career.

Zayn is currently in a very bad position in the company, losing matches left and right for no reason whatsoever. His gimmick of bashing fans and legends is only good on paper, and it hasn’t resulted in any significant success for Zayn.

It is always great to see the Undertaker, but it isn’t great to see a talented young superstar being buried like this.

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2. Rowan vs Roman It Is

It was widely speculated that Daniel Bryan is the mystery attacker of Roman Reigns, and we will eventually be treated to a Bryan-Roman match at a pay-per-view. However, the final episode before the pay-per-view is a clear indication that WWE is going ahead with Rowan as the opponent for Reigns at Clash of Champions this Sunday.

This slight push for Rowan is good to see and he deserves it. Although it is highly unlikely that Rowan comes out of Clash of Champions with the win, Reigns should have a good hard-hitting encounter with the former Wyatt Family member.

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3. The Curious Case of Kevin Owens

Image via WWE

We have noted several times in the past that Owens-Shane rivalry should have been done and dusted ages ago. However, WWE persisted with the rivalry and this week’s SmackDown Live unfolded a new saga in the never-ending feud between the two superstars.

Kevin Owens was being compared to Stone Cold Steve Austin not that long ago, and now he is back to being an average babyface. Owens deserves much better than this and WWE should stop undermining the former Universal Champion.

Owens was ‘fired’ yet again this week which is pretty absurd and is pretty much a repeat of past incidents.

The Shane-Owens rivalry dates back to over two years ago, and Owens has seen himself getting ‘fired’ or ‘suspended’ at least half-a-dozen times.

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4. The Real Kurt Angle Jr.

It was a tragedy that Jason Jordan, and not Chad Gable, was picked to be Kurt Angle’s illegitimate son two years ago. Gable’s wrestling background, his mannerisms, his personality, are quite similar to Angle himself.

Chad Gable was stuck doing nothing for a long time, after his tag-team American Alpha was broken up. He did win the Tag-Team Championships with Bobby Roode, but it was quickly forgotten.

Gable is finally getting his moment in the sun, and WWE has done a great job so far with the former Olympian in the King of the Ring tournament. Gable has defeated Andrade, Benjamin and now Shane McMahon to advance into the finals, where he will face major favorite Baron Corbin.

WWE’s inability to create new stars has often been criticized, and hence it is amazing to see the way Gable has been booked in the last few weeks.