Event: WWE SmackDown Live 
Date: September 2, 2019 
Location: Norfolk, VA

SmackDown Live Results & Highlights

Bayley opened the show explaining why she sided with Sasha Banks the previous night and attacked Becky Lynch. She claimed she is trying to teach the kids about loyalty. Charlotte Flair came out as the topic shifted to her but The Queen was interrupted by The Boss. Flair took the fight to Bayley and Banks, but the numbers game caught up and the “best friends” brutally beatdown Flair with a steel chair to end the segment.

King of the Ring Quarterfinal: Elias defeated Ali in a highly physical matchup. Ali fought through an injured knee and went for a 450 splash from the top rope, but Elias rolled out of the way and eventually delivered a Driftaway to secure the win and advance to the semifinal.

Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose defeated Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross in a non-title tag team match. Cross was isolated throughout the match and worked over by Fire and Desire. Bliss hit a DDT on Deville and went for a Twisted Bliss from the top rope, but Deville got her knees up and tagged Rose who pinned the Goddess for an upset victory.

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Randy Orton made his way to the ring and challenged Kofi Kingston for a championship match. A beatdown Kofi was brought through the curtains by The Revival. The Champ tried to fight through but got attacked by Orton who took him to the ring and delivered an RKO.

King of the Ring Quarterfinal: Chad Gable defeated Andrade who was the early favorite to win the match. Zelina Vega made fun of Gable’s height which likely fuelled his motivation. Andrade went for the hammerlock DDT, but Gable countered and rolled him up for a shocking upset victory.

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Aleister Black defeated Shelton Benjamin with a Black Mass, after Benjamin answered Black’s open challenge.

24/7 Title: Drake Maverick was attacked by a bunch of superstars including the Singh Brothers, Gran Metalik and The B-Team. Bo Dallas managed to roll-up Maverick to capture the title.

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Shinsuke Nakamura defeated jobber Andrew Howard, who Sami Zayn referred to as ‘The Miz’. Nakamura delivered a Kinshasa to secure the win in a quick match.

24/7 Title: The drama moved to the ring where Drake Maverick was able to pin Dallas to regain the title, but R-Truth who camouflaged himself under the King of the Ring robe pinned Maverick at the entrance ramp to become a 14-time champion.

SmackDown Main Event: Daniel Bryan made his way to ring and said that he would never be called a liar, and demanded an apology from Roman Reigns. Reigns came out to a huge pop but got attacked by Eric Rowan from behind who sent him crashing into the ring steps. Rowan continued the attack inside the ring with the Iron Claw and hit a Chokeslam on Reigns before cutting a promo and dared Bryan to slap him again like he did last week. Rowan eventually put Daniel Bryan through the announcer table and yelled “Nobody tells me what to do!”, to close the show.

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Takeaways from SmackDown Live

1. The Boss N’ Hug Connection Is Back

Bayley turned heel on Monday Night RAW and opened the show on SmackDown last night. Bayley didn’t have any significant character change and is now simply a delusional heel, who feels she is doing good for the WWE Universe. She also talked about loyalty to Sasha Banks, which could be the reason for the heel turn.

In the process, Charlotte Flair turned babyface once again, for the first time in over a year. All the four horsewomen are running the show on RAW and SmackDown Live, and things look promising for the Women’s Division of the WWE.

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2. Chad Gable Gets Recognition, Finally!

Chad Gable is a tremendous athlete and despite his size, is a strong competitor who can pull off jaw-dropping maneuvers. Gable defeated Andrade in the quarterfinal of the King of the Ring tournament, in a match which seemed reminiscent of Kurt Angle and Eddie Guerrero from the bygone era.

WWE pushing Gable is quite good to see, as he was being wasted ever since he and Jason Jordan broke up. It remains to be seen if Gable actually wins the tournament, as he is the only babyface left in the tourney apart from Ricochet.

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3. Champions Undermined, Again

WWE is notorious for building feuds by having challengers pin the champions in non-title matches. This is the laziest way to book a feud, and it continued once again on SmackDown Live. The team of Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose, referred to as Fire & Desire, pinned Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss, and are now slated for a shot at the championships at Clash of Champions.

Surely there can be other ways of creating new challengers. WWE must use different methods rather than undermining their top champions.

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4. The Rowan Redemption

In a thrilling twist to the mystery attacker storyline, Eric Rowan brutalized both Daniel Bryan and Roman Reigns this week and issued a challenge to Reigns for Clash of Champions. Rowan insisted that the attack on Reigns was totally his decision, and he wasn’t influenced by Bryan. WWE keeps adding more layers to this story, and it is paying dividends. If Rowan is actually saying the truth, then Bryan is surely becoming a babyface once again. However, there is still one more week to go before we reach the pay-per-view, and this whole thing could be a big setup by Bryan to confuse Roman.

Either way, the final segment was an excellent way to end the show once again, and Rowan somehow came out of the show looking like a million bucks.

WWE trying to create new stars by pushing individuals like Rowan and Chad Gable is quite refreshing, and it must continue in the coming weeks.