Event: WWE SmackDown
Date: January 10, 2020 
Location: Evansville, IN

WWE SmackDown Results and Highlights

The Miz started this week’s SmackDown by apologizing to Kofi Kingston on Miz TV for attacking him last week. The A-Lister invited a returning John Morrison as the guest of Miz TV who blamed the WWE Universe for booing Miz just because he had one bad day. The New Day interrupted and called out Miz for his fake apology, leading to a rematch from last week.

The Miz def. Kofi Kingston: With Morrison at his corner, Miz worked Kofi’s leg and eventually set him up in a Figure Four but Kofi Managed to grab the bottom rope and break the hold. Big E got into an altercation with Miz outside the ring but Morrison took down Big E with a stunning parkour cannonball. Miz used the distraction to deliver Skull Crushing Finale to Kingston to secure the win.

Bray Wyatt appeared on FireFly FunHouse to warn Daniel Bryan that The Fiend wants to hurt him for trying to take the championship away.

Mandy Rose def. Alexa Bliss: Before the match, Mandy met with Otis backstage and gifted a cake with “I’m Sorry” written on it. Towards the end of the match, Otis came out with the cake and started eating it with a distracted Bliss looking on. Mandy took advantage of the distraction and rolled up Bliss to secure the win.

Lacey Evans vs. Sasha Banks: Evans made her way to the ring for the match, but Banks never showed up. Bayley appeared on the screen and took a shot at Evans, announcing that Banks has other commitments. After Bayley talked trash about Evans and her daughter, Evans marched to the back.

Evans was attacked by Bayley backstage, and she retaliated before a referee broke up the proceedings.

Daniel Bryan talked about how The Fiend changed him and went on to discuss the upcoming Universal Championship match at Royal Rumble. Bryan said he isn’t afraid of The Fiend and his destructive actions, as the Universal Champion can’t break him physically or mentally.

Rambling Rabbit appeared on the TV behind Bryan and was about to reveal the secret behind taking down the Fiend before Wyatt appeared and squeezed it. Fiend cut a creepy promo to end the segment.

Braun Strowman def. Shinsuke Nakamura: Strowman picked up the win in a non-title match over Nakamura, despite Sami Zayn and Cesaro trying their best to help the Intercontinental Champion. Post-match, Strowman held up the title, before Zayn snatched it and joined Nakamura and Cesaro on the ramp.

Sheamus cut a heel promo backstage following his attack on Shorty G last week. He vowed to change the way things work on the blue brand and said ‘size does matter’.

Roman Reigns made his entrance to a huge pop and talked about his family returning last week to help him out against Corbin and Ziggler. Reigns said he’ll win the Royal Rumble match and main-event WrestleMania for the fifth time. Usos made their way to the ring and talked trash about ‘Queen Corbin’.

Corbin made his entrance with his royal servants and continued with the verbal jabs. The Usos attacked Corbin and Ziggler as they readied for their main-event matchup.

Baron Corbin and Dolph Ziggler def. The Usos by DQ: The Usos made their return to the ring after almost five months, and faced the heel duo. The Revival tried to interfere but Reigns took them out. Reigns speared Corbin to end the match. Robert Roode made his return from suspension to reunite the trio, and they buried Reigns under a table to end the show.

Takeaways from Friday Night SmackDown

1. The Blood Line

After weeks of Reigns being attacked by Ziggler and Corbin, the Usos returned last week to provide some freshness into this rivalry. The Usos and Reigns together is a wonderful faction and they are guaranteed entertainment every week.

Reigns’ mic work has improved over the last few months, but with the Usos by his side, he can continue to be the muscle of the faction, similar to his role in the Shield. WWE is clearly planning a feud between Reigns and Bray Wyatt heading into WrestleMania, and Wyatt attacking Reigns’ family (Usos) could be a perfect plot-point for the rivalry.

WWE often forms three-men groups for a few weeks and dismantles them after the feud is done, and hopefully, this is not the case with the Bloodline.

2. What’s The Endgame?

Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro and Sami Zayn are being presented as geeks on a weekly basis, with Strowman single-handedly manhandling all the three superstars, who are legitimate performers in their own right.

Strowman winning the Intercontinental Championship is a foregone conclusion at this point, but WWE needs to ensure it doesn’t come at the cost of making three proven performers look like idiots.

Zayn’s current status for in-ring action is still a mystery, and WWE relegating him to a full-time managerial role isn’t a pleasant sight, as he has loads of talent and charisma to function only as a manager in the company.

3. The Dirt Sheet

John Morrison and The Miz have reunited, which is one of the best sights in the company today. Miz going back to his heel persona is the perfect move for the A-Lister, who struggled a fair bit as a babyface for almost a year.

With Morrison-Miz, Revival, Usos and New Day, WWE has a potential legendary WrestleMania matchup at their hands, and they should try to save it for the big occasion, instead of blowing their load on a Dirtsheet vs. New Day random matchup at a B-level PPV.

Morrison returning for in-ring action after almost a decade is tremendous news for the WWE Universe, and the former IC Champion will surely be a treat for sore eyes.

4. Sheamus – Old Wine in a New Bottle.

After making a much-anticipated return to WWE last week, Sheamus did exactly what he did during his 2015 return, and after his promo this week, it seems like he is going down the same route as his 2015 self.

After weeks of promos promising a new avatar, WWE has instead presented a repackaged version of the Irish superstar, which is eerily similar to his former persona. The ‘I-Hate-Small-Guys’ persona is pretty outdated with Drew McIntyre and Baron Corbin doing it for quite some time already.