Event: WWE SmackDown
Date: January 17, 2020 
Location: Greensboro, NC

WWE SmackDown Results and Highlights

The Devil’s favorite demon, Kane, kicked off this week’s SmackDown with a promo where he talked about the Royal Rumble match. Bray Wyatt appeared on the FireFly FunHouse and told Kane that The Fiend has not forgotten him. The Fiend appeared from under the ring to a dimmed red light but Kane had already stepped out of the ring as he was prepared this time.

Daniel Bryan attacked The Fiend in a surprise move which made the WWE Universal Champion retreat through the same hole he came from. Kane joined Bryan in the ring for a mini Hell No reunion to end the segment. Backstage, Bryan challenged The Fiend to a Strap Match at Royal Rumble for the title.

John Morrison def. Big E: A delight to watch, Morrison pulled off some mind-blowing moves in his first match since returning to WWE. Big E, accompanied by Kofi Kingston with a new look, tried to pull one on Morrison with his power moves, but the Prince of Parkour was a bit too fluid and athletic in the ring. Morrison even took down Kofi outside the ring with a parkour flip from the top rope. The Miz created a distraction at the end of the match allowing Morrison to hit Starship Pain to secure the win.

The Usos def. The Revival: The Usos went up against The Revival who interfered in their match last week and earned a sweet revenge victory after dishing out superkicks to both Wilder and Dawson before pinning Wilder with a Superfly Splash.

Backstage: Lacey Evans was seen brawling with Bayley and Sasha Banks before the referees broke the fight.

Lacey Evans def. Bayley in a non-title match: Sasha Banks was originally scheduled to face Evans, but Bayley had to replace her since Banks got injured in the backstage brawl. The frustrated SmackDown Women’s Champion pushed Evans to the limits but ran into the Woman’s Right out of nowhere handing a huge victory to the Sassy Southern Belle.

Backstage: Sheamus interrupted Shorty G‘s interview and insulted him, resulting in a brawl. Braun Strowman declared his entry into the Men’s Royal Rumble match and issued a challenge to Shinsuke Nakamura for the Intercontinental Title.

Elias was in the ring cutting a promo, only to be interrupted by Sami Zayn, Cesaro, and Shinsuke Nakamura. Zayn announced that Nakamura is not accepting Strowman’s challenged and the trio attacked Elias for mocking them. The Monster Among Men made the save and cleaned house.

Alexa Bliss def. Sonya Deville: Earlier in the show, Deville wanted Mandy Rose to ask Otis if he could be ringside for her match and The Heavy Machinery did not disappoint. Rose tried to interfere in the match by going up the apron, only to be pushed down by Nikki Cross. Otis managed to catch Rose before she hit the ground but Bliss used this distraction to rollup Deville to secure a quick win.

Roman Reigns def. Robert Roode in a Tables match: Roode ambushed Reigns from behind before he could enter the ring but the Big Dog recovered soon and took the fight to his attacker. As Reigns was about to hit a Spear to Roode through the table, Corbin created a distraction and Dolph Ziggler hit Sweet Chin Music saving the match.

The trio attacked Reigns but The Usos rushed in to make the save and cleared house by hitting SuperKicks to everyone. The Usos put Ziggler through the commentary table with a Double Uso Splash while Reigns Speared Roode through the table inside the ring to secure the win.

Post-match, Reigns announced that the stipulation for their Royal Rumble match would be a Falls Count Anywhere match. The Bloodline stood tall in the ring to end the show.

Takeaways from Friday Night SmackDown

1. Kane vs. The Fiend?

It’s been rumored over the past few days that The Fiend and Kane could be about to collide at the upcoming Saudi Arabia show that is set to take place in February. Kane and The Fiend already have history and since Kane was the first man to face Bray Wyatt on pay-per-view in a ring of fire match, it will be interesting to see what the stipulation here is.

The events on SmackDown this week only fanned the flames of this speculation as The Fiend set his sights on Kane but was then attacked by Daniel Bryan.

2. Mandy Rose And Sonya Deville To Feud?

What is going on between Sonya Deville and Mandy Rose? Is Sonya Deville jealous of her friend so now she’s going to show an interest in Otis or is Deville just playing along? It appears that her plan backfired this week when Otis wasn’t the good luck charm for her that he was for Mandy Rose last week.

The chemistry between Deville and Rose has been teased over the past year and it could be that Deville’s jealousy over Otis’ interest in Mandy may be the reason for their future split.

3. Is Sasha Banks Legitimately Injured?

For two weeks in a row, Sasha Banks has been advertised as the woman facing Lacey Evans on SmackDown but that match is still yet to happen. Last week Banks was away recording an album and this week she was attacked backstage and unable to compete.

It’s worth noting that Banks was already on the floor clutching her ankle before the cameras found Evans and Bayley brawling in the backstage area which raises questions when it comes to her medical clearance. Banks wasn’t even at ringside for her best friend’s match which led to Bayley being pinned by the Sassy Southern Belle. Will Banks be cleared in time for The Rumble?

4. Falls Count Anywhere

Of all the stipulations that Roman Reigns could have decided upon, he went for Falls Count Anywhere despite rumors suggesting that it would be “loser eats dog food”. Hopefully, this will be the end of the feud between Corbin and Reigns, who have now been feuding for a number of months, to the point where many fans have no idea why their issues began.

The Usos could become part of a six-man feud with Reigns in the future, so an exclamation point on this feud at The Rumble would then leave Reigns and Corbin to pick up new feuds in the Royal Rumble match itself.