Event: WWE SmackDown
Date: March 6, 2020 
Location: Buffalo, NY

WWE SmackDown Results and Highlights

NWO Returns: The final episode of SmackDown before Elimination Chamber opened with a Moment of Bliss, as Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross made their entrance to a pop. Bliss called out The Kabuki Warriors and demanded them to come to the blue brand, instead of hiding on Monday nights.

New World Order, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, and Sean Waltman, joined the duo in the ring for an interview. Bliss brought up Goldberg, who was a nemesis of the NWO back in the day, and asked if they had any advice for Roman Reigns, and Nash said that he had already spoken to the Big Dog.

Sami Zayn, Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura interrupted the proceedings. Zayn exchanged verbal jabs with the Hall of Fame inductees before Braun Strowman entered and destroyed Nakamura and Cesaro. Zayn escaped while Strowman celebrated with the NWO inside the ring.

Sasha Banks and Bayley def. Lacey Evans and Naomi: With the identity of Bayley’s opponent for WrestleMania still a mystery, the possible challengers squared off in the tag-match. After a back and forth matchup, the heels picked up the victory after Bayley rolled up Naomi for the pin.

Post-match, Bayley and Banks bragged about their win and took shots at the Bella Twins. Banks went on to call Bayley her role model and will dedicate her upcoming music album to the champion.

Sheamus def. Apollo Crews: Shorty G offered to help Crews, but he denied. The match was a mere formality despite Crews’ aggressive demeanor. Sheamus picked up yet another victory with the devastating Brogue Kick.

Backstage: Drake Maverick and Drew Gulak talked about Daniel Bryan‘s 163 weaknesses backstage. Maverick wanted to face the former WWE Champion but Gulak said he is not ready. Bryan walked in and challenged Gulak to a match at Elimination Chamber, which he accepted.

Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville def. Dana Brooke and Carmella: Yet another tag-match in the Women’s Division saw Rose and Deville pick up the victory over the faces, after their new manager, Dolph Ziggler interfered in the match-up by distracting Dana Brooke. Rose hit a running knee on the distracted Brooke for the win.

Firefly FunHouse: The latest episode of the Firefly FunHouse saw Bray Wyatt talk about his upcoming matchup with John Cena at WrestleMania. Wyatt showed the clips of their battle from WrestleMania 30 and said he hasn’t forgotten the loss. Wyatt thanked Cena for helping him become what he is today and said that The Fiend is also a result of Cena’s actions from all those years ago.

Wyatt said that the dark side eventually comes back and it is the circle of life. Wyatt did his usual ‘Let Me In’ shtick to finish the segment.

Backstage: King Corbin talked about his WrestleMania plans after being done with Roman Reigns but was interrupted by Elias. Corbin wasn’t too amused by Elias and dissed him by calling him a one-trick pony. Corbin said that if he keeps doing things like this, Elias will have to answer to the King.

Otis and Tucker ran into Mandy Rose and Deville backstage. Otis tried to apologize for the Valentine’s Day debacle, but Rose had none of it. She said that women don’t like to be stood up and walked away.

Gauntlet Match: The gauntlet match to determine which team would enter last in Sunday’s Elimination Chamber match for the SmackDown Tag Team Championships kicked off with former champions The New Day’s Kofi Kingston and Big E battling fellow babyface tandem Heavy Machinery just moments after Otis was shot down by Mandy Rose backstage.

Heavy Machinery def. The New Day: In a battle of three giants and Kofi Kingston, a dancing competition ensued in the initial part of the match between Big E and Otis. A fun matchup saw Heavy Machinery pick up the surprise win over New Day, after hitting the Trash Compactor on Big E.

Heavy Machinery def. Lucha House Party: Representing the LHP, Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik tried to use their fast aerial offense to take down the heavier frames of their opponents. However, it didn’t work as Otis hit the Caterpillar on Lince Dorado for a big pop and to eliminate the masked luchadors.

Heavy Machinery def. The Usos: Jimmy hit two superkicks on Otis and Tucker, but Tucker countered the pin-attempt with a roll-up pin of his own for a quick victory against the twins.

Heavy Machinery def. The Miz and Morrison: The tag-team champions couldn’t take down the big hoss duo, who won their fourth straight match in the Gauntlet. Tucker rolled up Morrison to chalk up yet another victory and advance to the final match. Miz and Morrison couldn’t believe their loss and ended up dishing out some punishment after their loss.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode def. Heavy Machinery: With Otis laid out, Tucker fought the final match alone. Roode and Ziggler manhandled the big man before Otis somehow returned to the ring for a big pop. Otis went wild on Roode, but a superkick from Ziggler, who made a blind tag to Roode, was enough to take him down. Roode and Ziggler will enter the Chamber match last.

WWE SmackDown Takeaways

1. Nostalgia Returns

WWE these days is again fuelled by nostalgia, with almost every week the legends from the past making their presence felt on WWE television. This week saw the return of the iconic New World Order, who are set to take their rightful place in the Hall of Fame next month.

With the likes of John Cena and Goldberg returning these past few weeks and Stone Cold Steve Austin set for an appearance on Monday, WWE is really struggling to build a show around their newer stars.

The older guys returning and getting one-up on the younger talent is also a major concern, as NWO made Zayn look like a geek this week. WWE has a plethora of talent waiting for opportunities, and instead, they waste it on fifteen-minute opening segments featuring superstars from the bygone era.

2. How to Build a Babyface 101

Otis of Heavy Machinery screams charisma and quickly became one of the crowd’s favorites on the day he made his debut along with Tucker. Otis’ recent storyline with Mandy Rose and the involvement of the evil Dolph Ziggler, has made it a charming watch.

Otis almost overcame all obstacles to win the Gauntlet Match on SmackDown, only to see his dreams shattered by a superkick, courtesy of his nemesis Dolph Ziggler.

In a performance reminiscent of Kofi from 2019 or Rollins from 2018, Heavy Machinery went the distance and eliminated four teams, before a post-match attack from Miz-Morrison derailed their momentum.

This is surely leading to a match between Ziggler and Otis at WrestleMania, and Otis winning it will complete a beautiful story arc.

3. The Fiend Doesn’t Forget

One of the best things about Bray Wyatt’s new character has been the callbacks to his previous feuds with several WWE superstars. Daniel Bryan, Finn Balor, and now John Cena, all faced off against him in the past and now Wyatt wants to take revenge.

Wyatt brought up his match against Cena at WrestleMania 30 and said that Cena was responsible for his current transformation. This adds more intrigue to the matchup and provides it with a great story going forward. If only WWE could build other feuds in this fashion.