Event: WWE SmackDown
Date: December 20, 2019 
Location: Brooklyn, NY

The final SmackDown before Christmas started with Daniel Bryan addressing the WWE Universe about his new look. Bryan called out Bray Wyatt but he was interrupted by The Miz who came to the ring and said he is not yet done with Wyatt and he wants to take the WWE Universal title from him for crossing the line with his family earlier this month.

Both men were interrupted by King Corbin who said he is next in line for the title as he has now defeated Roman Reigns. Corbin insulted Bryan and Miz for being poor fathers and Dolph Ziggler ambushed and Superkicked them both before they could lay their hands on Corbin. The King delivered End of Days to Bryan to end the segment.

Heavy Machinery def. The Revival in a Miracle In 34th Street match: This was a fun matchup with a lot of props including a bowling ball and a Christmas tree. Before entering the ring, at the Gorilla Position, Mandy Rose gifted Otis with Ham and a kiss as she revealed she is his secret Santa. The Revival dominated early on and put Otis through a table at ringside. Dawson destroyed the Ham which was kept at the announce table, and an angry Otis retaliated by slamming him onto a bunch of Lego blocks. The babyfaces then delivered a compactor for the win.

Post-match, The Revival talked about how they are being mistreated and that wrestling has become just entertainment, but they were interrupted by Elias who ended the segment with a song, making fun of The Top Guys.

Backstage: Sami Zayn, who was later joined by Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, revealed to Braun Strowman that he is his secret Santa and asked him what he wants as his gift. Strowman, without hesitation, asked for an Intercontinental title match with Nakamura. Zayn retreated and said he will keep that at the top of his mind.

Carmella def. Sonya Deville after locking her in Code of Silence submission maneuver.

The New Day def. Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura: Fresh off the ladder match victory from last Sunday, the champions were able to fend off the heel team even with Sami Zayn trying to interfere at every given opportunity. Kofi Kingston countered a Neutralizer from Cesaro to secure a rollup victory for the Champions in a non-title match.

Post-match, Zayn, Cesaro and Nakamura ganged up on the tag team champions but The Monster Among Men rushed in to make the save and cleaned house.

Bayley def. Dana Brooke: With Sasha Banks at ringside, the SmackDown Women’s Champion secured the win via pinfall in a straight-up filler match.

Post-match, the duo started bad-mouthing Brooke. Lacey Evans came to the ring, called out Banks for being a bully and challenged her for a match.

Lacey Evans vs. Sasha Banks ended in a double count-out as both women took the fight outside the ring and Banks started beating up Evans in front of her six-year-old daughter, Summer, who was in the front row. Evans retaliated and beat down Banks, but Brooke, Bayley and the officials separated them to end the segment.

Daniel Bryan and The Miz def. Dolph Ziggler and Baron Corbin: Ziggler and Corbin took the fight to Bryan and Miz, but met with a flurry of YES! kicks by both men. The heels recovered and managed to isolate Bryan for a while. Bryan finally managed to tag Miz who delivered a Skull Crushing Finale to Corbin, but Ziggler planted Miz with a DDT. Ziggler went for a Superkick but Miz countered it in to a Figure Four leg lock. Corbin tried to save the match but Bryan intercepted with a Running Knee and Ziggler had no choice but to tap out.

Post-match, the commentators announced a Triple Threat match between The Miz, Daniel Bryan and King Corbin for next week’s SmackDown. The winner is set to face The Fiend for the WWE Universal Championship at Royal Rumble 2020. With the three contenders still in the ring, the lights dimmed down and the show went off the air with an evil laugh from The Fiend in the background.