Event: WWE SmackDown
Date: December 13, 2019 
Location: Milwaukee, WI

WWE SmackDown Results and Highlights

King Corbin and Dolph Ziggler kicked off things on the WWE TLC’ go-home episode of SmackDown, with Corbin making his way to the ring with his royal caravan. Corbin went on to cut a generic heel promo, bashing the city of Milwaukee and talked about his achievements in the year 2019.

Ziggler praised Corbin before the duo was interrupted by Smackdown Tag Team Champions The New Day. Kofi Kingston stood up to Corbin and talked about his win at WrestleMania, and slapped him on the face. Corbin promised to humiliate Kingston, just like he humiliated Roman Reigns last week.

Corbin and Ziggler saw that their security guard was laid out in front of their locker-room and the entire locker-room was destroyed and wondered who is behind the attack.

Alexa Bliss & Nikki Cross def. Fire and Desire: The two teams continued their rivalry after Alexa Bliss’ win over Mandy Rose last week. Bliss and Cross teamed up to take down the duo after Cross hit the neckbreaker on Deville for the win.

Backstage: Sami Zayn met up with Otis and Tucker, who gifted him a huge Ham as a Christmas present. Zayn said he is vegan and went on a rant against the meat-loving duo before Shinsuke Nakamura and Cesaro joined the party. Cesaro slammed Otis’ ham into the ground to end the segment.

The Revival def. Shorty G and Mustafa Ali: In a brilliant tag-team encounter, the number one contenders for the Tag-Team Championships overcame the babyface duo. The Top Guys hit the Shatter Machine out of nowhere on Ali for the win.

Backstage: Bayley talked trash about Lacey Evans and claimed herself to be the real star of the Women’s Division. She was interrupted by the new pairing of Elias and Dana Brooke, with Elias singing about Bayley’s new look. Elias said that Bayley looks like a “dude”, following which, Bayley challenged Brooke to a matchup.

Bayley def. Dana Brooke: Bayley took up an easy victory and the match itself didn’t have any interesting spots.

A new vignette for Sheamus was aired, who promised to change the way things work on SmackDown currently.

The Miz sat down for an interview with Renee Young in his house in Los Angeles. Miz talked about his relationship with Daniel Bryan, and how they have had their moments in the last decade. Miz said Bryan is an important part of the show, and he couldn’t see him suffer like that.

Miz went on to talk about how he has changed since the birth of his daughter, and how Wyatt has changed everyone who he has encountered in the last few months. Suddenly, Maryse called for Miz, and the couple saw Bray Wyatt’s toys in their daughter’s crib. They rushed to the room and saw Monroe Sky with a creepy doll.

A new episode of Firefly Fun House was aired, and Wyatt said he was merely trying to be nice by gifting a doll to Miz’s daughter.

Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura def. Heavy Machinery: The Intercontinental Champion and Cesaro picked up the victory over the tag-team specialists with some help from Sami Zayn in a fun matchup.

King Corbin vs. Kofi Kingston ends in DQ: The main-event was interrupted by the shenanigans at ringside involving Big E and Dolph Ziggler, and eventually turned into a tag-team matchup.

The New Day def. Corbin and Ziggler by DQ: Once again, the two teams fought it off, before Corbin and Ziggler introduced a steel chain and dog food to humiliate Kofi Kingston, leading to yet another DQ finish. Big E tried to save Kofi, but was taken out by The Revival. Roman Reigns made his entrance to a momentous pop and went on to clear the ring. Reigns stood tall to end the final show before TLC.

Takeaways from Friday Night SmackDown

1. The Big Dog Is Over!

Image via WWE

Roman Reigns’ disastrous segment from the main-event last week, received tremendous backlash from all over the wrestling community (except CM Punk). Some were worried that the segment could lead to negative reactions for Reigns, although for no fault of his.

However, Reigns was ‘unchained’ this week on SmackDown, and he was cheered relentlessly by the capacity crowd in Milwaukee. WWE has done a good job of keeping Reigns away from his weak area (promos), and is instead focusing on making him a star through his tremendous in-ring presence.

The credit for Reigns’ super babyface aura also goes to Corbin, who has masterfully established himself as the number one heel in the company currently.

2. The Tag Team Division Is In Tatters

Image via WWE

To put things into perspective, WWE has a total of four established teams on SmackDown currently, and out of those, Heavy Machinery is relegated to a comedy act, while Lucha House Party are glorified enhancement talents at this point.

Heavy Machinery took a loss against Nakamura and Cesaro, on this week’s SmackDown, which is a worrying sight for the already thin division of the blue brand. Once Revival and New Day are done with their feud, it will be time to put Heavy Machinery into the title picture, but if WWE is hell-bent on making them a comic relief act, it won’t work well.

3. Where Are The Title Matches?

Image via WWE

There are numerous championships in WWE, but as of now, zero singles titles are going to be defended on the upcoming TLC PPV. WWE has failed to build proper rivalries for the singles titles, which has led to the complete absence of championship matches from the PPV.

Although it is not a necessity to have every championship on the line during a PPV, at least some of the top titles could’ve found a place on the card. Nakamura and Mysterio are without feuds, Bayley-Evans wasn’t built further this week, Lesnar is away from WWE and Wyatt is contesting in a non-title matchup.

4. A Personal Twist

Image via WWE

Although Wyatt is not defending his title, WWE has made sure that he gets to feature in an excellent story with The Miz. The Miz’s babyface run has been underwhelming so far, but the addition of his family to the mix has brought more value to his storyline with the Eater of Worlds.

The whole segment with Monroe Sky sitting with Wyatt’s dolls was too realistic and added to the intrigue regarding this non-title matchup.

WWE holding back Bryan’s rematch against Wyatt in favor of this feud has been a good decision so far. Hopefully, the two superstars can create a match as good as their buildup.