WWE Crown Jewel 2018 Results & Review

WWE Crown Jewel took place in Saudi Arabia amidst controversies. Let’s take a look at how the pay-per-view performed.

Rusev is again held back

This is one of those classic cases where WWE hold on desperately to something that is simply not working.

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Nakamura has been pretty much in a dead state since he won the US championship. If Rusev was allowed to win, it would have nicely shaken things up and would have gotten people excited about the US title again. Instead, we got a rerun of all that is wrong with WWE.

The match was pretty decent but the ending was a rehash of every other Nakamura match with a slight difference. Instead of hitting a crotch shot with his fist, he used his head this time. As if putting this match on the kick-off show wasn’t enough, WWE had to take the least imaginative route to start this show.

Winner and still US Champion: Shinsuke Nakamura

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Rey Mysterio triumphs over Orton

This match continued the underwhelming tone set by the kick-off match. Mysterio was all right here but somehow Orton seemed to have an off night. These two lacked the kind of chemistry that makes Mysterio’s matches exciting. Thankfully, the torture didn’t last long and Mysterio won which meant that we would get to see more of him later.

Winner: Rey Mysterio

Rating: Thumbs Down

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The Miz upends Jeff Hardy

Finally we got to the first decent match on the show. Miz as always was dependable and Jeff brought his A-game to keep the crowd on its feet. It had plenty of near falls and Hardy came agonizingly close to winning. Miz winning was kinda predictable as a face had won the earlier match. The Miz keeps improving as each show goes by.

Winner: The Miz

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Seth Rollins overcomes Bobby Lashley quite easily

This match fell flat which is a travesty considering Seth Rollins was in it. The match was too short to be able to build any reasonable momentum. Again, the only positive thing about this match was Rollins picking up the win.

Lashley has had an underwhelming return and things are going from bad to worse with each passing day. This match had all the signs of a last minute replacement. Cena, it seems, threw more than a wrench into WWE’s plans.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Kurt Angle still has it

WWE blew away a great chance by having Angle wrestle in an inconsequential match. He is well past his prime but he can still put up a great show when called upon. Dolph Ziggler played his part quite well too. He managed to wrestle safely without sacrificing any of the excitement. It was also a clean win for Ziggler.

Seeing Angle wrestle is so much better than seeing him as the GM. If he is healthy enough then he could have one last run as a full time wrestler and tear the house down a few times.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Rating: Thumbs Up