WWE Elimination Chamber 2018 Review & Results

Elimination Chamber 2018:

A Good First Impression. [First Ever Women’s Chamber Match]

So WWE decided to add paddings to the area that is right outside of the ring, instead of the exposing the usual steel grids. Even though the pads nullified what is probably the most painful element of the Chamber, adding them was a sensible move, protecting the women from unnecessary pain.

The match was surprisingly well-built. The entrances were in a sensible order, allowing for some very interesting interactions, such as the 2-on-1 assault from Absolution to Bayley, then Banks coming out to even the odds, and the dream-match-calibre final three of Bliss, Bayley, and Banks. There were some cool spots, like the Twisted Bliss off the top of the pod, and Mickie James’ Lou Thesz press off the pod. Oh and BANKS STOMPED BAYLEY OFF THE POD WHEN THE LATTER WAS TRYING TO JOIN THE FORMER IN ATTACKING BLISS! Heel turn! (Or was it?)

In the end, Bliss successfully retained the championship. What was note-worthy was she did not cheat at all and she eliminated the two strongest contenders on her way to victory. This was the right call – she really needed a strong title defense to legitimize her position as champion heading into WrestleMania. After she fought like a babyface, and cut half a babyface promo, she spent the remaining half sh*tting on everyone’s hopes and dreams, reestablishing her position as a heel before people could have a chance to like her too much. Perfect character work.

Overall, another great first-time match for the women of WWE. They should have received a better build-up. But the quality of the PPV affair made up for the scriptwriters’ sins this time.


When It Actually Mattered. [Tag Team Championship Match | The Bar vs Titus WorldWide]

Damn, so getting three wins over the champions was really the only reason behind this affair. Geez, the writers need to be more creative, yo.

The match was not anything too exciting, either. It was better than their usual RAW affair, but it was not excellent in any way. Titus Worldwide put on a strong fight, but The Bar proved to prevail when it really mattered. All in all, a pretty dull championship match after that great show-opener.

But hey, at least we got to see Dana in her secretary outfit. Even better, SHE GOT RID OF THE POLKA-DOT TIE!