WWE Hell In A Cell 2018 Results & Review

Lynch finally gets her hands on ‘her’ title

SmackDown Women’s Championship match was a bit on the shorter side but it was still pretty entertaining. The tension was palpable and while the heel face dynamic wasn’t working exactly how WWE envisioned it, whatever it was worked quite well.

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Becky Lynch finally picked up the win which was great to see and even though her celebration was far from honorable, she still got cheered which was unique. WWE does need to think of a way to make this work. The match was fun and this feud is hot.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Ziggler and McIntyre retain

This was one of those tag matches that was along the lines of classical matches we do not get to see much these days. There was plenty of action and double teaming from both sides. As we predicted, it was Rollins who was pinned while trying to do something fancy.

This might be what is shown as the starting point of Ambrose’s heel turn when it finally happens. As far as the match was concerned, there were no complaints and it was the high-quality bout we expected from these guys.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Joe loses in controversial fashion

It was pretty clear that WWE want to carry this feud for as long as they possibly can but what they did seemed like a rehash of what has already taken place a few times now in this feud. The match was of exceptional calibre but the ending in the somewhat questionable circumstances just didn’t sit right.

Joe should have been given the win and that would have added a new angle to the feud. Instead, Joe is now a heel who talks a big game but is never able to back up his claims which makes him lose his bite as a villain.

Rating: Thumbs Down