WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: December 10, 2018

Image via WWE.com

An Interesting Start To RAW

As the go home show before TLC, we expected one of the headlining matches of the PPV to open the show and it was Intercontinental champion Seth Rollins who was in the ring. Everyone felt like it was going to be yet another chapter in the Ambrose vs Rollins saga but as it turned out, WWE took it into a different direction.

The focus of Rollins’ wrath this week was none other than Baron Corbin which was an unexpected turn. It was fun to watch Corbin being told in no uncertain terms that he sucks. It also felt great as this segment had a lot of catharsis to it.

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The recent issues with RAW were highlighted and while Corbin doesn’t have anything to do with the actual booking decisions, it is good to know that at least WWE is aware of the issues.

Corbin of course didn’t like all of this and things only got worse for him as he was called a coward for refusing a match with Seth Rollins. He did manage to add the stipulation that the IC title would be on the line possibly setting up an involvement from Dean Ambrose in the main event.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Bobby Roode And Chad Gable Dethrone The AoP

Wow! We did not see this one coming. When this match started, we genuinely felt that either some stupid angle would be used to distract Roode or Gable costing them this match or that they would get crushed and squashed by AoP.

As it turned out, it was neither. Instead, it was the cocky Drake Maverick who would end up costing AoP the title. He asked to be tagged in and was rolled up. The match was short but entertaining.

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There is a looming issue with all this as we get a sense that WWE do not have a clear idea in front of them. Hopefully, there is a payoff for all this somewhere down the line.

We are very glad though that Roode and Gable have a belt around their waists. It feels like it has been a long time coming. This could all lead to some interesting scenarios provided WWE has the wherewithal to do something nice.

Winners and new RAW Tag Team Champions: Bobby Roode and Chad Gable

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Riott Squad want To Bring Natalya Closer To Her Father

This has been one of the most inconsistent parts of the show on Mondays and this week was no different. We just can’t get a sense of where this is all leading to. There is great subject matter here but it is all coming out as cheap exploitation of the death of Jim Neidhart.

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Natalya mourning over her father’s broken glasses came across as corny rather than emotional while the tactics of the Riott Squad felt more irritating than infuriating.

For any storyline to work, the babyface needs to generate some empathy while the heels have to generate genuine hatred. There is neither of that in this storyline and if anything, it serves as a break in between more significant segments which is a shame.

Rating: Thumbs Down