WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: April 23rd 2018



So finally, Brock Lesnar and his advocate Paul Heyman returned to Monday Night RAW, and expectedly, Paul rubbed his client’s ‘Mania victory into everyone’s faces. It was a nice, typical Heyman promo, but we especially liked how he weaved into it the Saudi Arabia match this upcoming Friday. This was a necessary move, since besides some graphics, the match had received no promotion at all on television. The segment as a whole also served to establish the two competitors’ positions: Lesnar is still riding high on top of the big WrestleMania win, while Reigns will enter the cage this weekend in Saudi Arabia a little more cautious than usual.


A Surprising Win for Elias

It took us aback when Elias defeated Bobby Roode pretty cleanly. Sure, Elias needed the win, but was it him or a newly-transferred Bobby Roode that needed the win more? It was only his second night on the red show, so The Glorious One needed some decisive victories to re-establish himself in his new home. And quite frankly, he needed it – he had spent waaaay too long playing the third wheel in the United States Championship picture. Bobby Roode has a lot of charisma (evident during his NXT stint), but for some reason, he has not been properly utilised since fighting on the main roster. Even with the recent Shake-up, his booknig still has not improved, and the signs are looking bad, just like Elias’ scarf tonight.



Deleter of Worlds

So Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy finally got themselves a team name, and it was sooooo unexpected. Never saw that one coming.

But anyways, it was good they had a unit name. It showed that WWE at least had some plan for the pair for the foreseeable future. And their quick dispatch of The Ascension was a step in the right direction for the pair, which further enhanced their legitimacy for their upcoming tag title match at Saudi Arabia. But wait, have The Bar not already been transferred to Smackdown Live? Hey, don’t see that as a spoiler from us, people.