WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Review: April 2nd 2018


The Million-Dollar Princess Struck Back

Stephanie McMahon throwing Ronda Rousey through a table during the mixed match contract signing proved to be what was needed to up the ante of the rivalry. The layout resembled UFC’s conferences, and the mixed martial arts promotion was mentioned a few times throughout the verbal exchanges. Another jab at UFC, but it was pretty amusing. This week really solidified Ronda Rousey’s central position in the feud, and being the spotlight of such a high-profile, well-built tussle is the perfect way to introduce the former MMA star to the WWE audience.

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Unity Worked

But Sasha Banks and Bayley feuding is working even better. Tonight, despite Sasha’s rescue of an outnumbered Bayley, The Hugger still did not want to mend her broken ways with The Boss, and a brawl between them broke out until Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville recovered and teamed up on the former besties. In retrospect, maybe Absolution HAS been the pacifist this entire time. We think that in their heart of hearts, Paige and the gang wanted to see Bayley and Banks back together. It was just that, their way of saying it was a bit, well, different. Tough love, ya know?