WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Review: April 9th 2018


We did not understand the opening segment too much. Stephanie McMahon came out, congratulating her female victor in the inter-gender match last night, offered to have the entire WWE machine to fully support her, and… she got put into an armbar by Ronda Rousey? This was pretty confusing – what made Ronda snap? Was it because of Stephanie’s suddenly changed attitude? Was it because of something Steph said to her while they were hugging it out? Or was it a sign that Ronda had really gone rogue? We have way too many questions, folks.


War Goddess + New Champion = Unstoppable

EMBER MOON HAS ARRIVED ON MONDAY NIGHT RAW! Almost forgot about the plethora of debuts that would accompany the post-‘Mania editions of RAW and Smackdown Live. Welcome to the red brand, Ember. And she made a strong splash, too, being revealed as Nia’s secret tag team partner to take on the unit of Alexa Bliss and Mickie James.

At least this secret tag team partner revelation could really wrestle, unlike…



So yeah, he and Braun relinquished the championship because only now did BOTH of them realize Nicholas was still in 4th grade. So…we suppose this was a way to pry the championship off of The Bar without having to revolve through the entire 7 teams of the division? It was creative and unpredictable, for sure, and the title reign of Strowman and Nicholas was entertaining while it lasted, but was sacrificing The Bar at WrestleMania a bit too much?