WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: August 13, 2018

WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review August 13 2018

The go-home RAW before Summerslam had a lot of things to set up. Let us see if it managed to do so.

Ronda Rousey Puts Up Yet Another Awesome Showing

Ronda offering Natalya’s father, Jim ‘The Anvil’ Neidhart her respects was a really great way to begin this week’s RAW. If Rousey had a chink in her armor so far then it was her mic skills and they have improved quite considerably.

As Natalya is not there to watch her back for obvious reasons it is Ember Moon who joins Rousey and they have great chemistry and could have a great program together in the future.

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Bliss did her part as well and knows how to play the heel quite well. Alicia Fox as usual is the big let-down. Rousey taking out three security men and scaring away the fourth was a great visual as well and cements her place as a scary woman.

The ensuing match between Bliss and Moon was pretty decent. No one expected it to finish cleanly and Fox caused the DQ. This nicely sets up the match between Bliss and Rousey.


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Corbin and Angle Try to One Up Each Other

The whole dynamic between the general manager and the constable seemed a bit flaky but this week it managed to pick up some steam. Angle being angry at Corbin for setting up matches today without his consent felt genuine.

The match with Tyler Breeze was a squash match and we expected nothing more. At least Breeze was able to surprise Corbin a couple of times and get some offence in.

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The handicap match that he then sets up for Finn Balor against Kevin Owens and Jinder Mahal has all the earmarks of being something boring until Angle one ups Corbin and gives Balor a tag partner in the form of Strowman.

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This cat and mouse sort of game between Angle and Corbin could get interesting. It was great to watch Angle wield some power instead of being just a yes man.

The match between the four was just as good. After all, three of the four men involved are excellent wrestlers and even Jinder Mahal seemed pretty good. The ending of the match was predictable but we still loved it as was Mahal getting power slammed by Strowman.

Corbin did take out Balor after the match so that there was something to fight for at Summerslam which seemed a bit weak.