WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: August 20, 2018

WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review August 20 2018
Image via WWE.com

WWE put on one of the best PPVs in a long time last night. Can they keep the momentum going? The RAW after SummerSlam is always filled with surprises.

Roman Reigns betters Lesnar’s reign in a single day

A big bone of contention with WWE fans has been the fact that Finn Balor never got his Universal Title rematch. Roman Reigns nobly gave Finn Balor the chance to do just that on his first night as champion on RAW. The problem was the way in which WWE dealt with the whole thing. After we all were kept waiting so long for the rematch, WWE seemed to squander it all away on a non-PPV match.

When Corbin came out to put a stop to this, it seemed that WWE were just teasing it but then Angle came out and booked the match for later in the night. Finn Balor could have been a great future feuding partner for Reigns but in typical WWE fashion they wasted a great opportunity and made the whole point of him not getting a rematch seem worthless.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Corbin gets another beating at the hands of Lashley

Baron Corbin is another wrestler who is languishing like a rudderless ship. He is a heel aligned with the authority who constantly gets his a** handed to him which should make for fun television but for whatever reason it isn’t.

The match was okay and we guess Bobby Lashley too has been relegated to the “no idea what to do with him” category. We don’t have a clue where all this is headed and that too not in a good way.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Kurt Angle finally exerts his authority

This was a nice tease with Heyman alluding to be still working for Brock Lesnar. His rematch clause is a nice way to still keep him in the picture but we totally agree with Kurt Angle in that he should not get his rematch for a very, very, very long time.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The Riott squad are victorious again

When will WWE learn that storytelling is as important as the actual wrestling? This is a feud that can have great potential but we have no clue why Ember Moon is suddenly teaming up with the Boss and Hug connection or why the trio is feuding with the Riott Squad.

There is no passion or heart in this feud and that showed in the way the crowd reacted. The match itself was decent but it didn’t give us a reason to care for it.

Rating: Thumbs Down