WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: August 27, 2018

WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Review August 27 2018

RAW has to put a lot of pieces in place for the upcoming Hell in a Cell. Let us find out how Raw fared without Kurt Angle as the GM.

Roman Reigns gets an unlikely partner

This was a nice way to start RAW. Roman Reigns is still getting a lot of polarizing reactions but at least he is getting one. He is also not trying to pretend that no one is booing him. That is a clever thing to do. Strowman was called out and the two had an awesome verbal back and forth.

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Strowman calling out Reigns for using his Shield brethren to beat him up was a work of genius. It also feels so good to have the Universal title front and center on RAW. A match was nicely teased before Strowman informed everybody that he wasn’t cashing in today and that he would do so on Hell in a Cell.

This adds a whole new dynamic to the MITB contract which is refreshing to see. Ziggler and McIntyre coming out and being booked against Strowman and Reigns was fun to see. On a side note, Reigns’ mic skill have increased vastly and now he is a more complete wrestler.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Corbin uses his authority nefariously

We all knew this was coming. With no one to reign him in, Corbin was bound to use his authority to gain unfair advantages and he did that against Finn Balor tonight. Here is the whole problem with that. Corbin does not have the necessary mic skills or charisma to pull off a power hungry control freak. His promo lacked that energy needed from a heel in his position.

The match with Balor was okay and the ending was different but at the moment, this whole Corbin taking charge is falling flat.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Further rifts in Titus Worldwide?

Apollo Crews questioning Titus O’Neil for getting Dana Brooke in a match against Sasha Banks as she hasn’t competed in months was a great way of furthering the problems in Titus Worldwide. Sasha defeated Brooke quite quickly and it is only a matter of time before Crews takes matters into his own hands.

It is intriguing and so is a good thing. The only glitch here was the Boss and Hug connection getting zero reactions from the crowd which cannot be a good thing.

Rating: Thumbs Up