WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: August 6, 2018

WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Review August 6 2018

RAW last week despite being a bit disappointing pulled in good numbers. Let’s find out how this week’s edition fared.

Kurt Angle Puts Baron in His Place

The segment ended with Corbin being put in a match with Reigns.

One of the major gripes we had with RAW was the way Kurt Angle was being portrayed as a sort of ‘yes’ man. That somewhat continued as he addressed the Lesnar situation head on and called him a problematic wrestler.

He did give kudos to Ronda Rousey and implied that she is a UFC champion who has no problems coming to work whenever required (despite the fact that Rousey is no longer active in the UFC).

Roman Reigns came out and it might be just us but it seems that the WWE universe is beginning to accept him a bit. Corbin played his part as the authority’s lackey and it was perfect heel work to deck Reigns before their match could even get started.


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Roman Reigns Takes Out Corbin With Some HELP!

Yes, you read that right. Roman Reigns picked up the win over Baron Corbin after the latter was distracted by Finn Balor. This was such a refreshing change. Normally Reigns’ matches go on forever where he keeps fighting the odds but somehow always prevails.

The match was short which is a good thing in this case and it also keeps the feud between Balor and Corbin alive. WWE have finally figured how to deal with the Roman Reigns character. Hopefully, they don’t forget it next week.


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Roode Gloriously Defeats Rawley

The match was pretty decent and Roode is able to make it up for whatever shortcomings Rawley has in the wrestling department. We just wished Rawley would calm down once in a while instead of looking like a man being constantly tasered.

It is still too early to decide if this feud is leading anywhere or if it is a dead one but for now it works.