WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: December 17, 2018

Before you go to this week’s Raw, you should know that Christmas eve’s Raw episode was taped last night right after the show and many fans did not stick around to watch. You can read the full spoilers for next week’s episode of Monday Night Raw here.

Vince McMahon Comes And Changes Nothing

A lot of fuss was made over the last week about Vince McMahon. He opened the show along with Triple H, Shane and Stephanie and it proved that all the hoopla was for nothing.

Vince and Stephanie were witness to some of the loudest boos ever heard on RAW. A couple of awkward hugs later, we got the same shtick but in a different package. Triple H did say that the authority now rests with the WWE universe but he didn’t make it clear how this was going to be accomplished.

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Things however improved from there. Corbin then came and was welcomed with thunderous boos so much so that he was unable to talk. Vince threw a classic jab at him saying he has the microphone and the crowd doesn’t.

Corbin wants his authority back and was given the option to fight for it with a match against Kurt Angle. It seemed like a cheap way to reinstate Corbin as the GM but WWE actually were brave.

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Triple H first changed the match into a handicap match allowing Crews, Gable and Roode to join Angle. The match was then changed into a no DQ match. Corbin was literally mobbed and given the beating of his lifetime.

This felt good and cathartic but only highlights everything that is wrong with WWE. Corbin is a heel who got beat up on consecutive nights. You actually feel sorry for him. This does not feel like the payoff of the long drawn out acting-GM angle.

It was again all show and no substance. This segment was fun though despite it not fixing anything.

Winner: Kurt Angle, Chad Gable, Bobby Roode, Apollo Crews

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The Three-Way Confusion Between Ziggler, Balor And McIntyre Continues

Normally, we would not crib about having to see a match between Finn Balor and Dolph Ziggler. However, the circumstances are just not very heartening.

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This one feels like a dead-end feud from the very beginning. That did not stop Ziggler and Balor from putting on a great show. McIntyre interfered showing his animosity for both these men as well as confirming the fact that his title shot is something we will still have to wait for.

Keeping aside the bigger picture, this was fun and if WWE manage to narrate a more coherent story in the coming weeks then we can be really invested in this storyline.

This match solely gets a pass due to the immense talent of the men involved. All of them deserve to be in the championship picture down the line.

Winner: Finn Balor by DQ

Rating: Thumbs Up