WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: December 17, 2018

Dean Ambrose Begins His Reign

Dean Ambrose is easily one of the most hated wrestlers in WWE now and that is testament to his immense talent. He began by badmouthing the crowd and then began his reign as the Intercontinental Champion by issuing an open challenge.

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This turned even more fun as Tyler Breeze answered the call. He was obviously jobbing out to Ambrose but it was fun to see him in a genuine match on RAW after it appeared he had been moved to NXT. The match was longer than we expected.

Ambrose then called out Rollins who was one of the men in gas masks accompanying him the whole time. The beating that Rollins gave to everyone in sight following this was awesome. Ambrose went scurrying up the ramp and this is one feud we do not need any effort to be invested in.

A close to perfect segment also making the IC title relevant again. In fact, this title now feels bigger than the Universal title and we shudder to think what it would be like if the IC title feud was dud. WWE would be without any headlining acts on RAW.

Winner: Dean Ambrose

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Lashley Gets Deked By Elias While Revival Get Their Chance

It seems like WWE have a cache of guitars that they need to get rid of. Not one but two guitars were destroyed today.

The good thing though is that Lashley was at the receiving end of one of them. We aren’t really excited about this feud but it is better than most of the crap WWE has been throwing at its fans recently.

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This was followed by a fatal four way to decide the new contenders for the RAW tag team championships. We felt that this was another lazy way of giving the AoP another title shot but WWE again took a bolder direction by having The Revival win.

The match was pretty good too and paints the RAW tag division in better light. We had almost written off The Revival as another team that was going to be permanently overlooked by WWE but it seems that they have been given a fresh breath of life.

This also points to the fact that WWE have lost faith in the AoP as they weren’t even involved in the decision. This does set up something fresh in the tag division and at this point, that is all we care about.

Winners: The Revival

Rating: Thumbs Up