WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: December 3, 2018


Ronda Needs A New Partner While The Women’s Mid-Card Gets A Decent Showing

RAW started in a rather muted manner with Rousey and Natalya scheduled to take on Nia Jax and Tamina only for the Riott Squad to play party poopers again. Natalya was again left too hurt to continue. The table spots were cool but this again brings up the bigger question as to where this is all leading to.

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This was followed by an in-ring segment of the open forum by Alexa Bliss which was pretty entertaining. The crowd got to ask questions of Bayley and Banks which was something we have never seen in WWE and was refreshing. A few jabs were taken by Bliss against the faces. Some of the jokes made by Bayley seemed a bit forced but overall was pretty entertaining.

This sets up a tag match between Banks/Bayley and Mickie James/Alicia Fox. We do have to ask about Fox’s makeup as she looked like a corpse that got reanimated. As if her wrestling skills weren’t bad enough that she has to go with such a distracting look.

The match was pretty decent as the remaining three carried on the match pretty well. Bayley won by covering Alicia Fox which never gets old. While the match and preceding sections were fun, it was good to see a little more effort being put into the women’s midcard. The Women’s Tag Championship seem imminent and this is all building to that.

Winners: Sasha Banks and Bayley

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Somebody Needs To Put An End To The Lucha House Rules

Here is why this is annoying. A three-on-one match would work perfectly if the team gaining the advantage were heels. Last time we checked, it is the Revival who are the heels and the Lucha House Party were the faces.

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If a switch happened then no one was made aware of it and this highlights WWE’s long standing reluctance to infuse some background into why things happen the way they do. If it was shown that the Revival are now a face team in an unequivocal manner then this match would actually be entertaining.

Instead we saw three supposed good guys ganging up on a bad guy and winning in a totally lopsided manner. It was fun to see one luchador going after the other last week but WWE already milked that cow dry. It is time for some explanations now.

Winners: Lucha House Party

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Drew McIntyre Finally Getting The Push He Deserves?

This was pure gold in terms of entertainment. The video packages department at RAW was on fire tonight. Earlier we had gotten the hilarious video montage presenting Baron Corbin as the official who works for the people including an odd looking smile from Corbin.

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This segment was all about Drew McIntyre being appreciated and it too was done nicely. Corbin presenting McIntyre with a gold medal for excellence was a nice way to give McIntyre some importance.

As we had mentioned in preceding weeks, we were a bit annoyed that Dolph Ziggler just stopped accompanying him without any explanation. Thankfully that was addressed tonight but more out of necessity we guess. The inability of Strowman to return has forced WWE’s hands in this regard and that set up a match between Ziggler and McIntyre.

It was even more shocking to see Ziggler actually pick up the win albeit with a little help from Balor. This keeps Ziggler in the picture for now while intensifying the feud between Balor and McIntyre. Nice way to progress things.

Winner: Dolph Ziggler

Rating: Thumbs Up