WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: December 3, 2018

Elias Has His Match Built Up In An Unconventional Manner

Elias was ringside doing what he does best. Riling up the opposition with his singing. He goes after Lashley which prompts the big man to come out. Lio Rush was there but somehow this week his antics were a bit bearable. Now that they are a full-fledged heel team, it makes sense for him to be annoying.

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A scuffle followed with Lashley escaping leaving Rush at the mercy of Elias. This was really fun and satisfying to watch and just as we felt Rush might escape, Balor again played the intercessor and pushed Rush into the path of Elias to be obliterated with the guitar. This was the perfect way to build the feud as another match would not have done anything different.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Bobby Roode Comes So Close To Winning A Tag Championship Opportunity

After the stupidity of last week it only felt right that Roode would get an opportunity to get his hands on Drake Maverick with the added bonus of getting another title shot. It almost seemed too good from Corbin to allow this. There were a few glorious moments where Roode beat the living crap out of Maverick.

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It all turned out to be a setup for Corbin to turn it into a three on two handicap match after Gable had already taken a beating backstage. It was all about the heels from there on and they picked up another easy victory.

It does feel that there is more to come from this feud but the faces should have been allowed to win tonight. They feel castrated at this point and WWE is only making the situation worse. The match also did not have much substance to it and it is sad that the tag division is languishing like this.

Winners: AOP and Drake Maverick

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Ambrose And Rollins Finally Gain Some Traction

After a sensational heel turn, Ambrose had been cooling off which peeved us to no end but it all finally paid off. He debuted a new heel persona, one where he is a cleanliness freak. It seems a bit random but Ambrose made it work.

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The gas mask and the new attire work well with this persona. He had nothing new to say but that did not matter as Rollins appeared ringside and the two went at each other and there was no love lost between them. Rollins initially had the upper hand but Ambrose soon took charge and hit multiple Dirty Deeds to finish Rollins for the night.

This is great for the IC title as well as the feud and it’s actually getting exciting now. This should have happened sooner. This could be the headlining act for the next few weeks until Brock Lesnar get dethroned which hopefully should happen in our lifetimes. Can’t wait to get more of this.

Rating: Thumbs Up