WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: December 3, 2018


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Bye-Bye Rhyno? And Balor Gets His Comeuppance

This match was set with Corbin telling Slater and Rhyno that only one of them could stay on RAW. They had to choose who would go which they didn’t, leading to this match to make the looser quit. This was a match filled with mixed emotions.

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The first question was why now? Rhyno and Slater have been off the radar for some time now which begs the question if this is the end of the line for Rhyno. If it is then it is a sad way to go for such a veteran. If this is meant to lead to bigger and better things, a one last hurrah for the team that won the inaugural SmackDown tag team championships then we are all in for it.

A further twist was added to the end with Slater being made a referee instead of an active wrestler. This is the great start to a nice twist and hopefully WWE has something substantial planned in the coming weeks.

Balor finally got a beating from McIntyre backstage for all the interruptions throughout the night. This perfectly adds fuel to the feud and sets up McIntyre as the monster and Balor as the underdog. This feud is also gaining traction nicely.

Winner: Heath Slater

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Rousey Shows Chinks In Her Armour

We were always skeptical about Rousey’s wrestling skills until she stepped into the ring. She pleasantly blew us away with how good she was. However, all her major matches have been against some great in-ring personalities and that debut match against Stephanie McMahon didn’t need much wrestling ability.

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Tonight was the first time she faced two women with questionable wrestling ability in a match she didn’t have loads of time to prepare and it showed. She consistently missed her mark the highlight being a crazy move where she ran up Tamina and was supposed to kick her in the head but her feet went sailing a good feet above Tamina’s head.

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Even WWE seemed to be in a hurry for this match to end as they rang the bell before Tamina had even tapped out. Nia Jax was cumbersome in the ring and the only good wrestling was put on by Ember Moon. Rousey is fast losing her stock value and WWE needs to do something to arrest this fall. Nia Jax is the most non-enigmatic heel ever and it is only making things worse for Rousey. A rather disappointing end to an otherwise decent show.

Winner: Ronda Rousey and Ember Moon

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Overall Review: That disappointing end aside, this was actually a pretty decent show. All the feud including the women’s midcard got decent exposure. Ziggler and McIntyre was a revelation and we can’t wait for the scuffle between Balor and McIntyre.

If WWE can sort out their tag division and the Rousey situation then could actually put in the perfect show on RAW. We still hate that Brock Lesnar was nowhere to be seen but let us take this positively. This is allowing others to develop properly.

The Dean Ambrose turn picked up massive amounts of momentum and could be great for the company as a whole. A pretty good show somewhat ruined by that main event.

Overall Rating: Thumbs Up



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