WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Review: July 2, 2018

WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Review July 2 2018

There were a lot of questions after last week’s Monday Night Raw. As the build up to WWE Extreme Rules continue this week from Valley View Casino Center in San Diego, California, we hope to get some answers and some interesting match-ups.

Reigns Wants Lashley but Gets a Beat Down From Ziggler and Mcintyre

The big dog Roman Reigns is out to begin this week’s RAW. He begins by saying that he does not want to be one of those guys who makes excuses but his loss last week due to “the worst tag team partner in history” in the form of Bobby Lashley needs rectification. He proceeds to say that Lashley was never “the guy” while Roman is “the guy” right now. He wants Lashley to come out so he can confront him.

It is Ziggler and McIntyre who walk out instead. They complain that Reigns put his nose in their business last week and today they will return the favor. Reigns tries to take the two of them but gets overpowered. Rollins hits the ring to make the save.

Backstage Reigns and Rollins gets Angle to agree to a match between the four of them even though Angle does not want to as Reigns already has a match booked.

Verdict: Good way to start RAW. Reigns and Rollins pairing up is a good thing for both men. Reigns is also improving a lot with his mic skills. This angle gives these four guys something to do without peeving the WWE universe.