WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: July 23, 2018

WWE Monday Night Raw Results July 23 2018

Last week’s RAW was one of the most abysmal and horrendous in a long time. Let us see if this week’s edition can salvage anything.

The McMahons Make Their Ground Breaking Announcement

This had been teased a lot on various social networking platforms throughout the week. All the superstars are out and Mr McMahon himself is in the ring. He calls out Stephanie and Triple H who come out to a deafening roar of boos. They go on to say that it isn’t everyday that history is made and they are here to do just that. They announce an all-woman PPV for October 28th by the name of ‘Evolution’. All the women’s title including the NXT Women’s championship will be on the line at the PPV. The Mae Young Classic finals will also take place that night

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Review: This is an awesome way to start this week’s RAW. The women’s PPV holds great promise. We just hope that it isn’t the same debacle as the ‘Great balls of fire’. The women’s revolution has hit a stalemate and this, in theory at least, seems like a great idea. However, we need to take this with a grain of salt. WWE has a track record of spoiling promising premises. Expect this PPV to be built up like the next big thing in WWE but ending up as a big let-down. That is unless WWE creative goes crazy and does something awesome. This segment was, however, good and exciting.



The B-Team Holds Onto Their Championship

The match begins with the B-Team being the underdogs but somehow they manage to win yet again with Curtis Axel pulling off a rollup and that too an accidental one. Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt beat down the B-Team after the match.

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Winners and still the RAW tag champions: The B-Team

Review: It is great to see that WWE hasn’t dropped the ball with the B-Team. Even if they are picking wins in all kind of silly manners, a win is a win and every week the B-Team holds on to the championship, the more credible they become and this feud gathers more momentum. Three of these four men had been like a rudderless ship a few months back. This is great for the tag division as well.


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Baron Corbin Relocates Finn Balor

Finn Balor is talking to Chad Gable when he sees his stuff being carried around. On further inquiry he finds out that he is getting his own locker room which turns out to be a child’s playhouse. Corbin walks in and makes fun of him and tells him that he has a match later against Drew McIntyre.

Review: Baron Corbin is starting to warm up in his role as the constable. His feud with Balor is slowly but steadily gathering steam. Wish WWE did something with Chad Gable.