WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: July 30, 2018

WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Review July 30 2018

We finally get to see Lesnar on RAW. Let us find out if RAW this week can make up for its recent failings.

Reigns Calls Out Lesnar

Reigns begins by admitting that he now respects Lashley which puts to bed that rivalry. He however has no respect for Lesnar for being the most unavailable Champion ever and he does have a point. Heyman came out and did his shtick and basically we are kept waiting to see Lesnar again. For once the crowd seemed less hostile towards Reigns possibly because RAW is coming from Miami. The backstage segment that followed showed Lesnar’s indifference towards WWE and he actually used the words ‘”I don’t watch the show” referring to WWE.

We understand that WWE was going for a funny angle here but it came off in bad taste. If your very champion doesn’t even watch the show then what motivation does the general public have for watching WWE programs? The opening segment started out well but Lesnar just dunked it down the drain with his cheap attempts at comedy.


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Corbin Overpowers Finn Balor

Corbin wins with the End of Days.

We would like to get one thing off our chests. The new constable look for Corbin is silly. Making him wrestle in formals is even more ludicrous. The match was decent and the finish was quite good. This feud is definitely starting to pick up heat. The only issue with this feud is that it lacks that fundamental reason behind it for Corbin hating Balor so much and without such a reason, it is very difficult to get behind the feud.