WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: July 9, 2018

Rollins Walks Out on Jinder

A funny backstage segment follows as Jinder tries to get Rollins to chant with him which Rollins seemingly agrees to only for him to walk out as soon as Jinder begins chanting.

Verdict: These segments started out as insignificant and are actually turning out to be funny. This could be Jinder’s ticket to some actual heat than the manufactured ones we have seen so far.


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Seth Rollins Claims He Will Be the Iron Man

Seth Rollins begins by pointing that he has been called many names but the one that is on his mind right now is “former intercontinental champion”. He wants to change that on Sunday by beating Dolph Ziggler. He goes on to acknowledge that Ziggler is a great wrestler but calls McIntyre an overgrown Scottish Wookie. This causes the two men to walk out. Ziggler says that he is great and makes the show great and Rollins is nothing compared to him. He could win with a 1000 to nothing odd. Rollins laughs it off calling it ludicrous.

Ziggler goes on to ask Rollins why he thinks McIntyre follows him everywhere. Rollins replies that Ziggler probably has some photographs and also because it gets lonely in Scotland because of all the sheep. McIntyre loses it and challenges Rollins for a match which he accepts. Rollins ask McIntyre to be careful as he is a bad man. McIntyre runs into the ring but Rollins ducks out and leaves.

Verdict: No complaints. Great talent involved and hence a good segment.