WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: July 9, 2018

The Shenanigans of the B-Team Continue

The B-Team come dressed as Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt yet again. They say the same things they have been for weeks now. Wyatt and Hardy appear on the tron and warn the two that they will be eaten and deleted. They then appear behind the B-Team and a match is set between Matt Hardy and Bo Dallas

Hardy begins by driving Bo’s head into each of the turnbuckles. Bo escapes to the outside only to be suplexed by Hardy. The action continues in the ring as Hardy puts Dallas in a neck vice. It is all Hardy as he takes Dallas to the outside. Dallas puts up some fight but eventually gets hit with two side-effects in the ring. Axel distracts Hardy allowing Dallas to hit a hangman’s neckbreaker for the win.

After the match the lights go out as the B-team are celebrating and get a beat down at the hands of the tag champs as the lights come back on.

Winner: Bo Dallas

Verdict: While the whole imitation gig is getting repetitive, 3 of the four men in this feud really need this to work. Match and segment were decent.


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Lashley Doesn’t Respect Reigns, Tyler Breeze Tries to Give Some Fashion Advice, Counselling for Banks and Bayley Continues

Lashley is backstage and tells that he has always respected anyone he stepped into the ring with but Reigns is one person he has zero respect for. He warns Reigns that he won’t walk out of Extreme Rules and he can believe that.

Tyler Breeze is then shown trying to offer fashion advice to Liv Morgan and Sarah Logan. They tear the T-Shirts up and walk away.

Bayley and Banks are shown in counselling and we are informed that we will get another update later in the night.

Verdict: All decent segments. Nothing to complaint.


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Liv Morgan Takes on Ember Moon Again

A brief mention is made of Ruby Riott and her injury. The match begins with some holds and their counters. Liv almost gets super kicked but somehow avoids it. She goes to have a discussion with Logan. The match continues as Ember Moon continues the domination. Liv then gains some traction and connects with a DDT for a two-count. Ember manages to get in control again and puts Liv in a bridge for the win.

Winner: Ember Moon

Verdict: This match was a lot better than last week’s and we could have something going here.



We are informed that McIntyre will be banned from ringside during the match between Rollins and Ziggler at Extreme Rules if he loses today.