WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: July 9, 2018

A Glorious Tag Match

Elias and Baron Corbin take on Finn Balor and Bobby Roode. Before the match begins Elias informs everybody that he has been working on a studio album and it is real. He actually gets the crowd to cheer him before he turns them against him by berating Boston. Corbin joins him and the two start performing their rendition of itsy-bitsy spider taking shots at Balor. Balor and Roode come out and the match begins.

A good hard-hitting match follows with plenty of back and forth. Roode especially gets some painful looking chops in. Elias and Balor tag in simultaneously and it is now Balor that continues to punish the heels. This continues till Corbin trips Balor on the top rope. Elias grabs control of the match. Balor gets worked upon by the heels until he manages to hit a slingblade and eventually tag in Roode. A few two counts follow. Roode is about to hit the Glorious DDT when he gets distracted by Elias allowing Corbin to attack Roode from behind and hit the End of Days for the victory.

Winners: Elias and Corbin

Verdict: Nothing to complaint. A very decent match.


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Kevin Owens Gets a Match for Extreme Rules

Kevin Owens is still in Angle’s office when Braun Strowman storms in. Owens takes refuge behind Angle asking him to keep Strowman away. Angle tells that they won’t be fighting today but instead will fight on Sunday inside a steel cage. Strowman leaves after spraying an air-freshener at Owens saying he stinks of fear

Verdict: This adds another dimension to this awesome feud. Keep this coming WWE.



Banks and Bayley are shown in counselling and it doesn’t seem to be working. They are asked to report back to Angle on next week’s Raw.