WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Review: June 18, 2018


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The raw after any major PPV involves a lot of action and fallout from what happened at the PPV and this week’s RAW was no different. Here’s a look at everything that transpired.


In-Ring Segment: Kurt Angle, Ronda Rousey, and Alexa Bliss

Angle begins by referencing the fact that both MITB briefcases were won by RAW superstars. He then presents the title to Bliss while also informing her that Nia Jax had invoked her rematch clause for Extreme Rules which does not go well with Bliss. Bliss then begins talking smack when Rousey joins her in the ring.

Bliss talks down to her reminding her that this isn’t UFC. Rousey begins to beat down Bliss but Angle intervenes. He gets judo thrown for his troubles. She then uses the briefcase to beat down both Bliss and Angle before powerbombing Bliss through a table.

Verdict: A powerful way to start RAW. Rousey is being built up to be a force to be reckoned with. Hope WWE knows how to handle her right.


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Intercontinental Championship Match: Seth Rollins (c) vs Dolph Ziggler w/Drew McIntyre

Rollins hypes up the match he had at MITB but then says its business as usual as it is an IC title open challenge. Ziggler answers the call. A nice match follows. As expected there is a lot of back and forth with neither superstar gaining the upper hand. The match ends with Ziggler winning with a hand full of tights after a small distraction by McIntyre. We did not expect that.

New IC champion: Dolph Ziggler

Verdict: We were pleasantly surprised and we hope that leads to the relevant title reign for Ziggler we have all been waiting for. Having said that what happens to Elias now?



Bobby Roode vs Curt Hawkins

Roode wins with a glorious DDT.

Verdict: We are sure WWE still finds this funny but it isn’t and serves no purpose.


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In-Ring Segment: Braun Strowman

The MITB winner hits the ring and tells us how Brock Lesnar is going to get these hands. Owens comes out and sweet talks him telling him how strong he is and that he deserved to win the briefcase. He then proceeds to tell Braun that he needs a partner and Owens is the perfect partner for him. Strowman pretends he agrees and shakes his hands before trying to hit him with a running powerslam. Owens somehow manages to escape.

Verdict: Nice fun segment. Strowman has range and can be funny too.



Woken Matt Hardy and Bray Wyatt vs Rhyno and Heath Slater

Initially, the B-Team appears on the tron and we see the worst impression possible of Hardy and Wyatt where they say that the tag champs will be deleted. Rhyno and Slater use this to hit them from behind. However, Hardy soon gains control. Rhyno and Slater briefly manage to gain control back but then they get hit by the Kiss of Deletion for the win.

Verdict: The B-Team is terrible at being a tag team. Frankly, why don’t Rhyno and Slater take on the Woken Duo? The Woken duo are great but they need an equally enigmatic tag team to feud with.



Jinder Mahal w/Sunil Singh vs Chad Gable

Jinder talks some smack while on the way to the ring. The action begins nicely with Gable actually getting quite a lot of moves in but Mahal finally manages to hold on, hit his finisher for the win.

Verdict: The match was decent even though this was yet another pointless segment as we don’t know where any of this is going. Also, Gable can be so much more than a jobber.


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Sasha Banks and Bayley vs The Riott Squad

The match begins nicely before Banks’ injured back gets to her. She wants to tag out but Bayley is busy fighting Logan outside the ring. That allows Morgan to roll up Banks for the win. Afterwards, Bayley and Banks push each other and Banks leaves the ring.

Verdict: Another feud with no direction. How many times have we seen this same routine play out? It is high time WWE realize that this feud has run its course and both these talented superstars should be put in different programs.



In-Ring Segment: Angle, Reigns and Lashley

We get to finally hear about Lesnar. Angle tells us that the date and venue of his next title fight have been decided but before he can give us any details Reigns interferes. Reigns tells him of the botched finish at the Greatest Royal Rumble and that he deserves to get his title fight. Bobby Lashley joins them and tells Reigns that he has been given far too many chances and has come short each time. It is time he stepped out of the title picture. Angle stops them both and announces that both of them will be in a title match at Extreme Rules.

Verdict: Just because of Lashley’s involvement this segment did not feel repetitive but the fact remains that the top champion in RAW is still nowhere to be seen.



The Revival vs Bobby Lashley and Roman Reigns

The premise for this match is that Reigns is the reason The Revival has been held down. I am not even going to try to understand the logic behind that. The match is basically used as a way to show that Reigns and Lashley are strong dudes. Lashley hits a spear for the win and tells Reigns that this is how it is done.

Verdict: Surely there must be better ways to hype up superstars. The Revival are going the same way as the Ascension did a few years back.


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Backstage segment: Corbin, Balor, Owens & Strowman

Corbin is now the constable of RAW, whatever the heck that is. Balor says he too wants to be in the title picture. Owens disagrees before Strowman joins them and a match is announced between the teams of Strowman – Balor and Owens – Corbin.

Verdict: An enjoyable segment so no complaints.



No Way Jose vs Mojo Rawley and Elias In-Ring Segment

A short but impactful match that has some nice back and forth action. Rawley manages to surprise Jose and wins using a Flapjack. After the match, Elias sings a song about not winning the IC title. Then he says he also wants to be in the Universal title picture.

Verdict: Decent match. Decent segment. Nothing to complain.



Braun Strowman and Finn Bálor vs Kevin Owens and Baron Corbin

This is a nice match with a mix of different styles of wrestling. The big guys use many impactful moves while Balor and Owens use athleticism. Three of the superstars involved are the cream of WWE and the match is executed really well. Owen gets speared through the timekeeper’s area while Corbin hits the end of days on Balor for the win.

Verdict: Good match and a good way to end RAW. Strowman still comes out as the strongest superstar in RAW despite losing this match.



Overall Verdict: Large sections of this week’s RAW simply sucked. Add to that the fact that the Universal Champ did not appear again. Not a very great show.

Overall Rating:



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