WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Review March 19th 2018

WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Review March 19th 2018

Nasty Stuff

We feel that WWE had done the right thing here. They saw the Braun Strowman one-man demolition crew work, so they applied it on Brock Lesnar. And boy oh boy was it for good effect. Roman still looked strong (since he could fight back three marshals while handcuffed), and Brock looked like a monster, unrelentingly punishing his prey. The Lesnar – Reigns build has been very solid so far, and we can only imagine the chaos to be caused in the upcoming weeks.

Too bad no ambulances were flipped during tonight’s segment.

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Nia Went Wild

Come on, who would not get mad when someone who you thought to be your best friend told you that you were three hundred pounds of sad, pathetic loser? We think the Bliss – Jax feud is going to work for two reasons. First, the motive behind all this is refreshing, contemporary, and relatable – many people have been stabbed in the back by their best friends, and many have had their most embarrassing flaw ridiculed in front of the whole world. Second, though subtle, is the third character, Mickie James. It will be fascinating to see how her interaction with Alexa will affect the main story.

To us, the Asuka vs Bliss match was not really necessary, and was just another way of keeping Asuka on TV. It was just another way of advancing a different feud, and Asuka was not the center of the commotion. This was something that should not have been done. With Asuka being only a couple of weeks away from a WrestleMania championship showdown, The Empress of Tomorrow should have the spotlight whenever she appears on television. Learn from this, SmackDown.


Potential Cracks?

Now, it might have been only our hunch, but we feel like The Bar is going to break up soon. Our hunch is based on the fact that Sheamus backed out when The Bar was about to confront Braun Strowman. It was not a complete abandonment of his partner Cesaro – Sheamus still did some distraction work, and he checked on The Swiss Cyborg after the match, yet we feel that something was going on, especially after their promo about how glued together The Bar is. But again, it is just our hunch, and we have predicted that Natalya would be playing with cats during her entire match at Fastlane. So yeah, take us with a grain of salt.