WWE Monday Night Raw Results & Review: March 26th, 2018

The Beast Rampaged

Nope, not that kind of rampage (giggity). He actually went beast-mode on Roman Reigns for the second week in a row. To emphasize Lesnar’s legitimacy even more, Reigns was without handcuffs and with a steel chair ready. This was great stuff. Besides Lesnar’s dominance, Reigns played his part well and sold The Beast’s offense as if his handcuffs were still there. Paul Heyman was his usual self, very entertaining on the mic, taking jabs at Roman’s bloodline. Man, you do not insult the Anoa’i family like that. Sh*t’s about to get reaaaal personal.

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Nia Drive-Thru

Nia destroyed Mickie James in a quick match, exhibiting Nia’s impressive strength and improving in-ring ability. Mickie James was utilized in the right way tonight – the “heel champion’s sidekick becoming fodder for OP #1 contender” trope never fails. After witnessing the entire match, Alexa still tried to cheap shot Nia. Oh you silly little girl.


Hey, They Are Back!

It has been a while since we last saw the Cruiserweight boys on the red show, and they made a solid comeback. The two competitors for the Cruiserweight Championship Match at WrestleMania teamed up to take on Drew Gulak and TJP, and the former team won, which was an obvious, though necessary and logical, outcome. We are two weeks away from the biggest wrestling show on the planet, so it makes sense to allow some Monday night air time for Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander to showcase their skills, hyping fans up for their match at ‘Mania which, hopefully, will be on the main show this time. We cannot afford to lose another two talented stars in the Cruiserweight division.