WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: May 7th, 2018

Underdog Victory

(Women’s Money in the Bank Qualifying Match: Ember Moon def. Sasha Banks and Ruby Riott)

                First thing off the bat: THE WOMEN’S MATCH ACTUALLY HAD A PURPOSE TONIGHT! Yes, yes, even though it was an MITB qualifying match, which is an integral and mandatory part of the build towards Money in the Bank, but hey, credit where it was due, right? Moreover, the ladies had a decently long match, too, and they made the most out of the time allotted, which goes to show how much better today’s women division is compared to just 5 years ago. Oh the Bellas.

Also, the Bayley – Banks saga had an interesting twist, as Bayley actually saved Sasha Banks while she was being attacked by The Riott Squad, so we will see how the writers will go from there.

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Majestic Mahal

(Jinder Mahal def. Chad Gable)

                Another clean win for the bad guys of the red show? Is this real life?

Chad Gable vs Jinder Mahal was not that much fun, to be honest, with Jinder being Jinder and Gable failing to elevate the former WWE champion anywhere close to the Olympian’s level. Typical stuff. However, as mentioned above, it was the outcome that was unexpected.

We feel that Jinder Mahal’s character has been more and more aggressive lately, and tonight served as another piece of evidence for that direction. And to us, any direction apart from “evil foreigner with the nationality card on hand” is a good direction for Jinder. MOAHHHHH!

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A Glorious Plan

(Bobby Roode def. Elias)

This match happened for the third straight week tonight. Why why why why why, creative?

No more commenting on the in-ring quality of the match, since absolutely nothing stood out. With tonight’s victory, Bobby Roode made a pretty strong case for a MITB qualifying match. That was all.