WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: November 19, 2018

wwe monday night raw results november 19 2018
Image via WWE.com

One Heck Of An Opening Segment: Strowman Gets His A** Handed To Him

If you have ever wondered how many men it would take to beat the s**t out of Strowman then the answer is three big men who are physical specimens themselves. Stephanie was there to gloat but mercifully she stayed backstage.

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A few complicated stipulations were set. Strowman will face Corbin at TLC and the result will determine the future of both men. If Corbin wins then he becomes the permanent GM and if Strowman wins then he gets his title shot at Royal Rumble which all but confirms that Lesnar won’t be there at TLC. If Corbin loses then he loses all power while Strowman losing will cost him his title shot.

All this does is show that RAW has a non-competing champion and WWE has to work around it. A 3-on-3 tag match that followed was exceptionally good. It is sad that Elias and Balor did not have anything more worthwhile to do but in the grand scheme of things it worked really well.

It was all about Strowman getting a beatdown. At the end of the match he looked battered and bruised and the scene moving forward should be really interesting. A great start to RAW.

Winners: No Contest

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Seth Rollins Wants Ambrose Now While Banks And Bayley Are Fodder To Jax And Tamina

The promo from Rollins was passionate and makes you really feel for the man who lost both his friends on the same night. Wrestling infused with a little reality is always the best and this was proof of that. Rollins does have a match against Ambrose at TLC but he does not want to wait until then. Rollins decking a security guard was fun though.

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Next up was a match between Nia Jax, Tamina and Sasha Banks and Bayley. Normally we would be peeved at Jax and Tamina beating up legitimately good wrestlers like Banks and Bayley but this is the best WWE can do out of a bad situation.

Jax has a monumental amount of heat after injuring Becky Lynch and WWE is right in exploiting this heat to make Jax into a truly reviled heel, something that the women’s division sorely lacks right now.

The match was short but the women got decent amount of offense in. Tamina does stick out and hopefully WWE just drops her sooner than later.

Winners: Tamina and Nia Jax

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Ambrose Responds While A Weird Tag Match Takes Place

Ambrose asked Rollins to come to the spot the Shield called home which we guess is the spot where they used to film all their videos back in the day. Nothing much to say here.

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What followed was yet another segment randomly manifesting itself that left us repeatedly asking “Why?”. Also, the Revival seem to be the latest addition to the jobber club as they lost to the Lucha House Party after just connecting with a couple of offensive spots. Another standout tag team from NXT bites the dust and what is worse is that their sacrifice seemed to be in vain.

The Lucha House Party do seem like an exciting tag team but putting them in two minute matches without any backstory or introduction is going to fall flat. Whoever is in charge of writing storylines for the tag division in WWE should be fired immediately.

Winners: Lucha House Party

Rating: Thumbs Down