WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: November 26, 2018

Image via WWE.com

Injustice Seems to Be the Order of the Day

RAW is in a soup with all the injuries and we were expecting a dud of a show but the opening segment was rather good actually. We got confirmation that Braun Strowman is indeed injured and his spot at TLC is still being treated as an uncertainty.

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Normally WWE is very good at spoiling perfectly good scenarios but here they have actually done something good with a bad situation. Baron Corbin is really coming into his own as the unhinged authority figure. He really is doing everything a wrestler with his powers would do.

Corbin issued an ultimatum to the RAW superstars that they all better be on his side. This was the cue for yet another awesome Elias segment. He proved why he is a main event caliber talent. Elias as a heel was great but he is just pure gold as a face. He isn’t the typical good guy. He has that edge that makes him really entertaining. His digs at Rush were genius.

A match was set up between Elias and Lashley and this was a great way to start RAW in the absence of some of its biggest stars.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Elias Is Becomes a Victim of Corbin’s Power Play

Elias and Lashley began with a really decent showing. Lashley has actually improved in the ring and Elias is a pretty good worker. Elias kept working at Lashley and was almost about to win when Rush interfered causing a DQ. Corbin exercised his powers and turned it into a No DQ match.

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It was all routine proceeding as you would expect when the heels run the show. Elias tried to rally but the heel team of McIntyre, Lashley and Corbin proved too much and he was pinned in a really humiliating manner. Even though this looked like a burial, it was actually masterful.

Elias can take this as he still comes out of this looking strong while the three heels have garnered some real heat. Corbin as the acting GM has been barely believable but it was like he grew a new set of balls just before tonight’s show.

This could only mean great things and could give rise to new stars in the absence of the ones who were supposed to be the main eventers.

Winner: Bobby Lashley

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Some Bizarre Backstage Segments

Corbin continued the misuse of his power as he fired the person responsible for turning the lights off for Elias’ surprise entrance. He then proceeds to put Alexa Bliss in charge of the women’s division which somewhat confirms that she too is injured which is sad.

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A rather bizarre segment followed with Ambrose trying to piss off the local crowd. He had been receiving shots on his arms and needed to take one on his ass which he did on camera for whatever reason.

This is starting to affect Ambrose’ heel turn. They should have kept him off-air completely rather than do this silly segment. He needs to be tearing up the place after that emotional heel turn and not going on off like a watered down lunatic in a backstage segment. Hopefully, he can be up and running ASAP.

Rating: Thumbs Down