WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: October 1, 2018

WWE Monday Night Raw Results October 1 2018
Image via WWE.com

The final build-up to the Super Show-Down.

Ambrose does not fall into temptation

This was a continuation of what had happened last week and it was great fun being teased of an Ambrose heel turn. It was quite clever to offer Ambrose a Universal title match and an IC title match but he chose a non-title match, against Braun Strowman no less.

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It might not make much sense but it was what it was and fun to watch. The ensuing match was as expected, a mauling of Ambrose at the hands of the monster among men though Ambrose almost got a win at one point.

Reigns came out to save Ambrose only to end up causing a disqualification. Rollins joined too and there was palpable tension. This was a great way to start RAW and set the theme nicely for the rest of the night.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Roman Reigns does not need help though

This was a big let-down as by the same logic, Strowman and McIntyre should have come out to cause a disruption but they didn’t. It was like they were suddenly taking a nap or became afraid of Reigns.

The match was solid but the champ needs more than great matches. The storytelling has to be relatable. It does not make sense to have one member of Shield attacked while the other goes free.

It is sloppy storytelling like this that makes Reigns such an unbearable character despite being a pretty good wrestler.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Rousey has a decent match

It was kinda funny seeing Brie anywhere in the vicinity of Liv Morgan. Rousey doing all her MMA inspired moves like the judo throw is a breath of fresh air in a division otherwise dominated by stereotypes.

The match itself was very decent. Ruby Riott too got plenty of offense which allowed the match to feel like an even contest.

Rousey won here which might put a question mark over who wins on Saturday. Maybe the team loses and that is where the Rousey – Nikki feud starts. Overall, a pretty decent match with nothing to complain about.

Rating: Thumbs Up