WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: October 22, 2018

monday night raw results oct 22 2018
Image via WWE.com

This was one of the most authentically emotional nights of RAW. Read on to find out more.

WWE Universe feel guilty for hating Roman Reigns

RAW has often been accused of starting in a predictable manner but this week’s RAW was one of the most emotional in an unexpected manner.

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The reason Roman Reigns is hated and booed around the world is because he seemed like an entitled wrestler who had everything handed to him. After tonight we got to understand that he was as good as any wrestler before him.

Reigns’ revelation that he had been diagnosed with Leukemia 11 years ago came as a true shock. Sadly the cancer is back and this makes all the boos and hatred seem so inappropriate. Reigns was appropriately cheered with a “Thank you Roman” chant.

The good news is that Roman has promised to be back once he has “kicked Leukemia’s ass” and we really hope that he does. He is in his prime and it is sad to see him having to bid farewell to wrestling irrespective of how we had felt in the past about his push.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Bobby Lashley is officially a joke now all thanks to Lio Rush

Finn Bálor def. Bobby Lashley: Remember how we had said that Lashley deserves so much more than to be the side show on RAW? That has changed now and it is not Lashley’s fault that he has become a complete joke.

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Lio Rush who started out so well as a manager has become more like a pimp now which just makes you cringe every time he accompanies Lashley to the ring. Tonight was no different as we constantly wished that his microphone would die somehow.

The match with Balor was actually very good and without the annoying Rush, it would have been a very decent match. Instead, we just wanted this match to get over as soon as possible which is a shame considering the talent of the two men involved.

Lio Rush should stop appearing on RAW completely and allow Lashley to work on his own as this is not going to end well. Balor winning this match was the only highlight here

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Ruby Riott beats Sasha Banks in an inconsequential match

For weeks, the Riott Squad and the Boss and Hug connection have been fighting like they are having an intense feud but without the proper backstory it has been difficult to invest in this feud.

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Tonight was no different as we still do not know why these women are fighting. Having said that, the match was more engaging than it has been for weeks. A proper build-up would make this the perfect tag feud only if WWE did not shoot itself in the foot every time a proper feud needs to be built up.

The match and the ending were great and under the right circumstances, this could be the defining feud for the women’s tag division.

Rating: Thumbs Up