WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: October 8, 2018

dean ambrose monday night raw results oct 8
Image via WWE.com

RAW promised to be a mouth-watering prospect. Let us find out if it lived up to its expectations.

A historic opening segment

We all knew that this was coming but it was still very exciting to be a part of the whole thing. Triple H came out and addressed the beatdown at the hands of the Undertaker and Kane at Super Show-Down. HBK joined and they revealed one of the most awesome news of all time – DX is back.

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Now we know that it is silly to get too excited about two men well past their prime trying to revive something phenomenal once again but that is what pro wrestling is all about.

This also brought a breath of fresh air to how RAW normally starts off and so is a winner whichever way you look at it. We cannot wait for the response from the Brothers of Destruction and more so the actual match at WWE Crown Jewel (Nov 2).

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The Lashley – Owens feud gains traction in a weird way

Bobby Lashley def. Kevin Owens: For weeks we had been wanting both these men to be given something worthwhile and this week it finally seemed to happen but not in the way we anticipated.

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Before we get to that, let us address how Lio Rush was ruined in a single night. The commentators are distracting enough at times but handing Lio Rush a microphone to keep delivering quips while the match was going on was a bad idea. It came across as really annoying.

The match itself was very good but the way it ended seemed a bit hazy. Isn’t Owen’s supposed to be the heel in all this? He got a post-match beatdown. Is Lashley a heel now? There were next to no answers and while we are glad that these two are involved in a program, a little more clarity on WWE’s part would have been great. That and Lio Rush made this part of the show a major disappointment.

Rating: Thumbs Down