WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: September 10, 2018

WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review September 10 2018

Shield brings equalizers

The opening segment of Monday Night RAW might have looked okay on paper but the problem with such segments is that it has been done to death and it is no longer as shocking as WWE think it is. The whole shenanigans with the Shield having trouble with the law fell flat after it became public knowledge that the last arrest was all a ruse that took place on a public holiday.

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Anyone who is a kid might have really enjoyed this segment but for the more seasoned fans of WWE this felt like a tasty dish that had soured. Strowman needs to be more dynamic to make it as a heel.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Nikki Bella picks up an inconsequential win

Nikki beat Ruby Riott in what seemed like a rehash of many of the pointless matches we have seen in the women’s division over the decades now. This is obviously WWE’s way of building up Nikki for a big match at Evolution but the lack of a storyline and any build up is hurting all the women involved here. The fact that the women can’t wrestle all that well doesn’t help matters either.

Rating: Thumbs Down

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Authors of pain squash their opponents

This was just passable as AOP squashed two local jobbers. It was what it was. Nothing to complain. WWE should progress this storyline soon but for now they are on the right track.

Rating: Thumbs Up