WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: September 17, 2018

WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review September 17 2018

Hell in a Cell had been all over the place last night. Let us find out if RAW was more of the same.

An explosive opening segment

Reigns is still being booed when he is all by himself which is kinda sad. Having said that, it was great to see the interaction between Strowman and Reigns. There were moments during this segment where it felt like WWE was backpedaling on the idea of a heel Strowman and he was back to his earlier persona.

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Corbin arranging a match for Saudi Arabia between Strowman, Lesnar and Reigns brings another issue to the fore. It seems like WWE is more concerned about these super shows rather than their PPVs so much so that RAW and SmackDown seem more exciting than PPVs these days.

Heyman joining them and doing his bit was great. Corbin finally using his authority to book a universal title match for himself somehow felt right and begged the question as to why he hadn’t done something like that a lot earlier. Overall, a nice way to set up the night. Strowman saying everyone sucks was fun

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Dean Ambrose comes up short against Drew McIntyre

This was one of the first of a few understated surprises of the night. Throughout the match it felt like either Ziggler would come out or Rollins would come and the match would end as a DQ or no contest. Instead we had a solid wrestling match that used crowd psychology and technique to deliver something satisfying. Drew won cleanly which was a great thing for the whole feud. Nice match and something that we did not expect.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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Ziggler gets another shot and Rousey wants to be a fighting champion

Ziggler being informed that he has a rematch and if Rollins doesn’t show up he will forfeit his championship to Ziggler was a bit ludicrous. We all knew that this was never going to happen and that Rollins would defend his title anyway.

Rousey had a weird backstage segment and while it was meant to show Rousey as a fighting champion, all the segment did was portray the women’s division as a bunch of school girls. Why can’t they just talk like normal people?

Rating: Thumbs Down