WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: September 3, 2018

WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review September 3 2018

This week’s RAW promised to be a belter with the return of legends and the moving forward of great storylines. Let us find out if it lived up to the build.

Strowman turns heel and the Shield gets arrested

This was one of those segments which was a nice call back to the nostalgic days of the attitude era. Strowman walked out with Ziggler and McIntyre and talked smack to the crowd. He was actually pretty good on the mic and was able to get the crowd to turn on him. McIntyre and Ziggler also chimed in.

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It was awesome to see the Shield enter through the crowd again and try to take on the trio in the ring. Baron Corbin did his part and the ensuing brawl was simply magical.

It was a chaotic start where you were suddenly reminded of the crazy storylines that used to take place on Monday nights during the attitude era. The Shield being arrested and led out of the arena was also a nice touch. After a long time, RAW had such an explosive opening and it was fun to witness.

Rating: Thumbs Up

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The Bellas make their return

The Bellas took on the Riott squad in what was a big dampener after that opening segment. The Bellas aren’t as great as the WWE think and being put in a feud with the Riott Squad who haven’t made much of a mark so far isn’t going to help.

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The match was average at best and the Bellas came across as obnoxious wrestlers who do not know much about wrestling. WWE seems to have big plans for them but whether they deserve it is the most important question WWE needs to answer. Given their track record, they will obviously try to push this down the throat of the WWE universe.

Rating: Thumbs Down