WWE Monday Night RAW Results & Review: September 3, 2018

Baron Corbin tries to take charge of RAW

Corbin trying to take charge and explaining his efficient work to Stephanie was okay. Somehow it felt better than whatever he had going with Kurt Angle. Balor challenged him but we all knew he was going to weasel out of this one. It was a mildly entertaining segment and so is okay in our books.

Rating: Thumbs Up

Chad Gable and Bobby Roode are a team now

Very occasionally WWE seems to do right by its underutilized wrestlers and this segment seemed like one of them. The RAW tag division needs good tag teams and Roode and Chad Gable haven’t been doing much of late. These two teaming up together is a great way to get them involved in something worthwhile. They could also be the starting point of a Team Angle storyline.

The match they had with The Ascension was great and shows what a travesty it is not to feature these guys a lot more on live television. The ending was great and WWE avoided the temptation of squashing the Ascension. This could lead to great things and it was a good start.

Rating: Thumbs Up

Elias helps out Alexa make a point

We were in Alexa’s hometown and she did the classic heel thing of talking up the local town folk before dissing them. She asked Elias to sing his insulting songs only to be interrupted by Rousey and her posse. Bliss talked up her match with Natalya on RAW as well as the ones with Rousey at Hell In A Cell and Trish Stratus at Evolution.

Bliss is great at being a heel and Rousey did her part. Mickie James could do so much more while the whole point of having Alicia Fox there is lost on us. The match between Bliss and Natalya was pretty good. Natalya being used as the third wheel here does not seem fair but in the grand scheme of things it could work out quite well. A good way to hype up the matches at HIAC and Evolution.

Rating: Thumbs Up